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Martha Lucia Ledesma Carnero, better known in the music industry as Malucci, is a 28-year-old Peruvian artist who is leaving her mark with her style within the urban genre. The singer-songwriter has managed to stand out thanks to her love for rap, a genre with which she earned the respect of the public that today begins to see her as a benchmark for Peru for the world.

At the age of 20, she moved to the United States to study fashion styling. However, her passion for music was stronger and she released her first musical remake called “Po above”, which was widely accepted and became very popular, which gave her the push she needed to dedicate herself completely to her passion. her.

Since then, Malucci has been releasing different musical hits such as “Thief”, “They say around there”, “Fame, power and money”, “In my bed”, “In your dreams”, “Rock, paper or scissors”, “Loose mouth”, “It’s not yours”, among others.

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Malucci and his passion for the urban genre

Malucci always had the support of his family in his musical career. He also recalled that from a very young age he was attracted to urban music.

“I had always liked it. In elementary school, my friends listened to RBD and once they asked me if I liked Floricienta or reggaetón; and I replied that I liked reggaeton. So, I liked reggaeton since I was very little, since I was 11 years old.

“So, it wasn’t a taste that I acquired later in my life and I said ‘I want to put that into it’. I had always liked (the urban genre) and I loved the idea of ​​being able to be a part of it and also being able to make songs like the ones I had been listening to.”

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Malucci and his recognition from the Recording Industry Association of the United States

Her talent and feminine power have led her to have different recognitions. On November 22, 2022, Malucci He received his first gold record from the Recording Industry Association of the United States (RIAA) for his single “It’s not yours”, which has accumulated 120 million views on the digital platform YouTube.

“I just got my gold record from the RIAA. So I’m super happy about it, ”Malucci said when announcing her recognition. When asked about her reaction after learning about the award, the Peruvian singer said: “I’m happy, jumping on one foot because I’ve always wanted it, I’ve always wanted a gold record from the RIAA in the United States and they finally got it for me. to give”.

Malucci decided to venture into music at the age of 22. Photo: Malucci

Why didn’t Leslie Shaw collaborate with Malucci?

In May 2020, Malucci He participated in an Instagram Live with Leslie Shaw. The female singers of the urban genre surprised by revealing that they would collaborate on a song; however, the project did not come to fruition.

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“I had already sent the song to Leslie, she told me that she loved it and we had already agreed on that song. But she sent her the song, she was supposed to record it, but from there I found out that she couldn’t record it anymore because she had just put out an EP.”

“So I write everything well, I tell him ‘don’t worry, everything is fine, it will be at another time, we don’t have to do it now, we’ll work later anyway.’ He told me ‘yes, of course, no problem, everything is fine’. That was what happened.”

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Malucci and Ele A el Dominio’s long-distance relationship

The heart of Malucci Has owner. The Peruvian singer has spent almost four years with Luis Abner Mojica Sierra, artistically known as Pick A the Domain. The couple of singers has known how to deal with the relationship at a distance.

“We have a long-distance relationship and it is very nice. At first I didn’t think it was likely because I had never been in a long-distance relationship and most people said long-distance relationships don’t work.”

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Malucci also spoke of the importance of personal space in the couple. “We give ourselves our space. I am a person who needs his space and if I spend a lot of time with a person in the same place, I get a little splintered. I really like that we both have our space.”

Malucci revealed that a project is coming up with her boyfriend, Ele A el Dominio. “There are projects that are coming. There’s one that he has on his record, it’s a song of mine that I did a long time ago and I collaborated with him and he’s going to release it. We also have a few ideas, but they are not polished at all.”

Malucci has been in a relationship with Ele A el Dominio for almost 4 years. Photo: Instagram/@malucci_xo

Malucci regrets lack of support for national artists

Malucci he is making his mark in the music industry; however, he regrets that there is not much support for national artists in disseminating their proposals.

“I feel that sometimes when you are a national artist, they don’t take you seriously, they don’t give the same value to your things as they would for an international artist.”

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Despite this, Malucci will continue to work hard in his career. Very soon he will surprise with a new EP. “I have plans to release an EP, which will probably be four songs; if it is not in December, it will be for January. In any case, by the end of the year or the beginning of the next one.”

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