Laury Thilleman’s chronicle: my music festival backstage


It may sound crazy to you, but the first thing I have to do before preparing the show is to choose what I’m going to wear on D-Day with my stylist Lia Dillenseger and have it approved by the channel!

The production of the channel decides how many outfits I have to wear during the prime: 1, 2, 3 sometimes 4, in short, they are the ones who decide. I confess that – if it were up to me – I would only wear one, which would save me the stress and the gymnastics that requires a change of outfit in 5 minutes flat! So how is this choice organized concretely?

We usually meet at the office of my Parisian brand & So for the fittings. This allows us to be reactive because we don’t always find what we imagine in the press offices that lend us the outfits. That’s when my little team came on board and we found ourselves creating and producing an outfit in 72 hours in our Parisian workshops (practice the made in France).

After three fittings, we generally all agree! The valid string. It will be Isabel Marant sequin jumpsuit and Amen dress. That’s done ! All that remains is to validate on the spot which one we put day and night according to the lights of the set…

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There, it’s the moment when I slip into the skin of a top-level sportswoman before stepping into the ring! With Rocky’s music playing in the background, I go into ascetic mode. The week before, I put all the party aperitifs in off mode, I go to bed early, I make good meals, I play sports to chase away the stress which is starting to rise slowly, every morning I try to meditate, and in the evening I go into positive visualization mode of the evening that awaits me! So ciao the mojitos, the social events and the fiesta, I stay in my burrow for the week!

Because live, we’re not going to lie to each other, we don’t really have the right to make mistakes!


The preparatory meetings begin. This is the moment when we find Garou, my shock co-presenter on “La Fête de la Musique” for 5 years. We meet with the teams of the channel, the director, the artistic director, the programmer (the one who books the artists present on D-Day)…), in short, about ten people! We are then given a conductor: a written skeleton of everything that will happen minute by minute during the show.

I find out what I’m going to have to do, say, if I’m going to push the song or be in total improvisation… We determine with the team the important moments, such as the opening of the show, the scene of the birthday cake of the 40 years of the event that meant a lot to the channel this year! We expose with Garou our vision of things and we do a lot of artistic proposals so that these sequences are as nice and authentic as possible!

There’s no secret, it’s only when everything is well put together that things seem obvious and unprepared on the air… the magic of TV what!

An author is also present to guide us in the intentions that we will have to put for each set, presentation and announcements of the artists. It gives Garou and me a text base on which I personally spend a lot of time! I reclaim it and rewrite it so that it is faithful to me. I insert my words, my expressions, a little humor too to be as comfortable as possible and not to have the impression of reciting something that would not come from me (moreover each change, word or expression must be validated by the string, so sometimes it works, sometimes not, but we adapt).

These texts will then change until the last moment because the musical sequences can be reversed every minute, and even during the live broadcast (if there is a technical problem).

It’s real brain gymnastics but it’s also part of the charm of the shows, otherwise it wouldn’t be funny!

To remember these texts, I read them aloud, and I also like people to read them to me during my make-up preparation just before going on stage!

Because as Michel Drucker said to me: “The more you’ve worked, the more you give the illusion that it’s easy and natural! »


Arrival on site in Montpellier for proofreading of the texts with the whole team then rehearsals. Scene A, scene B, courtyard, garden… We decide on all our placements during the show. Casually, it’s a lot of work, often a lot of waiting in the middle of a dodger too, because we have to squeeze in between each artist’s rehearsal… and this year, there were around thirty of them, so that’s a lot of people!

We’re testing the teleprompter, a little color bug: my texts that were supposed to be in yellow and those of Garou in white have become indistinguishable with the light. We don’t know who’s saying what, we’re changing mine to pink at the last minute!

Between each rehearsal, also juggles with the promotion of the show with the radios on site, the press, media interviews…

Objective, not to be too distracted by all the on-site requests and to remain hyperfocused. In these moments of pressure, I often have the impression of gravitating above my body, it’s so intense!

1 a.m.: the first day of rehearsal ends. The night will be short!

Obviously I sleep very badly the day before the bonuses, between the excitement and my head which does not leave me alone, I ruminate all night, I think of things, I write them down so as not to forget. I open the window, then a book to try to calm myself down, a little meditation, a shower, 3 drops of CBD… nothing helps, I must have slept for 3 hours!!

Premium day

The next day, day of the bonus, one more thing, still a lot of rehearsal that we couldn’t get through the day before, last minute changes between delays or cancellations of artists’ transport… the tension is accelerating and the stress begins to rise in everyone…

H-5 I have a hard time in the middle of the day I make myself a mini-mattress with cushions that I put on the floor in my dressing room and I try to regain some strength!

H-2: I’m afraid of running out of time for make-up and hairdressing because we haven’t finished the rehearsals! But it takes what it takes!

H-1: I quickly put on my outfits to see how they will look with the stage lighting. We watch the video return in the OB van and we decide which one to put on first, my heart is beating hard!

-45 minutes: the stylist sews my backless dress on my bodysuit to prevent anyone from seeing it sticking out!

– 30 minutes: the channel comes to my dressing room to give me the last instructions and validate hairstyle, make-up, etc.

-17 minutes: I go to the stage, they install the microphone, the earphones, test with the sound.

The rain is coming, I’m going to grab a tarp that serves to protect the cameras so as not to ruin my hairstyle: D.

It’s time, the first notes of “JUMP” ring out, my hair stands on end, the opening is incredible with all the Kamel Ouali dancers in the middle of the 20,000 Montpellier residents who came to watch the show. The crowd is delirious: I am propelled by an energy coming from another galaxy! Tears come to me, like at the start of every big live musical, I swallow (literally) my tears so as not to shoot the makeup because we have more time to touch up anything, it’s time to go on stage !!! GO GO GO… I repeat to myself how lucky I am to be there and experience such beautiful emotions… “Come on Laury, you’re going to have a blast!”

Everything is going well so far, there is a lot of talk in my earphones to inform me of small last minute changes or to add important information to give on the microphone, go get the public, the spectators at home… all that is improvisation and I love it!!!

We arrive in the middle of the show: the teleprompter dropped us in the middle of the launch, luckily I kept my files so as not to be without a net! 4 hours of blabla, I can’t remember everything! Long live the magic of live!

The problem persists: we pull out the backup teleprompter but it will be fragile until the end of the show so we stay focused… and it’s over!

The energy of the public and the artists is not empty until the end of the show! It’s almost 1 am I realize that I have my last card in my hands, it went by at breakneck speed, 4 hours of live music and with you… it was magic!

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