Laura Bozzo’s fury at being nominated in The House of Celebrities 2

Not many days have passed since the premiere of the second season of the house of the famousthe controversial reality show in which 17 figures from the entertainment world live together 24 hours a day under the eye of the cameras and, however, there is already controversy.

Before the premiere of the program to which very strong figures joined, Laura Bozzoone of the most controversial participants, had sent a strong message to her classmates: “Let those who will be with me prepare, because nobody messes with me, really nobody, ladies and gentlemen.” However, the Peruvian presenter no longer it’s going so well.

The truth is that when it was confirmed that the driver was going to join the house of the famous, you knew what was coming from behind. But fans wouldn’t know that would happen from the first minute he entered the property.

Since Laura Bozzo set foot in the house began to threaten the production that he would leave the reality show if they did not give him his pills. After that, everything calmed down a bit, or so it seemed until Thursday.

In the first nomination within the program, Laura She ended up being chosen as one of the possible participants to leave the house along with five other companions. She was nominated with only three points and tied for fourth place with Mayeli Alonso and Toni Costa.

However, this to Bozzo He made her explode with anger, mainly with Niurka Marcos, Osvaldo Ríos and Lewis, who were the ones who selected her. “Everybody hates me. I have nothing to do here with so many enemies, I have my program on television. Bye, I’m leaving now!” she said in the midst of a nervous breakdown.

Her companions tried to calm her down by explaining that it was just a game, that there were more nominees and that she could still be saved. “It’s worth it to me. The double face is the one I hate the most. Today I’m leaving, but today, they don’t know me, ”she replied furiously. Laura Bozzo.

In addition, after the nomination, the presenter entered the confessional and was honest: “I came here with the best intention to show who I was, but there are many enemies here, so, honestly, let it be what God wants. This is not only what I make a living from, if the people here want me out, that’s it, I’m leaving. It annoys me to be among enemies here, I have nothing to do here… and let me have my cigarettes”.

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