Kylie Jenner shows off her figure in a denim outfit from head to toe

Kylie Jenner is a model and businesswoman American who has stood out for an avant-garde and modern fashion style with a flirtatious and sophisticated touch that does not hesitate to show off her envious silhouette that conquers with a daring and glamorous wardrobe.

Always aware of the trends of the moment, the youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner family stands out in a recent appearance on London, where you are traveling with your family, using a all denim outfitproving that this fashion is triumphing among savvy fashionistas thanks to the fact that it can be elegant and classy, ​​as well as jovial and relaxed.

You can read: Kylie Jenner shows off her figure in a denim outfit from head to toe

In this case, Kylie Jenner puts all the rebellious and daring glamor on her with a piece by Marine Serre that slims her figure to show off her curvaceous silhouette, which stands out for a strapless design with opening in the back up to the knee.

Its texture is very modern and rock as the design seems to be made of strips of denim belts attached horizontally, to which are added metallic details, so that they converge with the buckles and openings or holes where each belt would be fastened.

A cosmopolitan, modern and avant-garde designthe socialite and personality of the internet and television looks fantastic, combining with some boots to the knee also in denim and stiletto heels, which give it elegance and poise.

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Complete with bun hair and locks around the face, dark sunglasses and very seductive red lips, half-moon earrings and a necklace that is actually a choker that comes off the sleeve of the dress.

The model also wore another outfit also in blue in London, a coat spectacular with plush details that reveals her shapely legs and that she combines with some sneakers with transparencies and ribbons that tie the ankle, totally chic.

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In addition, the young woman is, as she says on her social networks, in a countdown since on August 10th he turns 25 years. A reason for celebration despite having been in the midst of the scandal recently, after publishing images on his networks in which he appears in the Milan laboratories of his cosmetics line, Klylie Cosmetics.

She was criticized for appearing in a white coat but not wearing a hair net, gloves, protective material for shoes and goggles, as indicated by the safety and hygiene protocols, provoking the fury and negativity of several netizens.

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