Klaus Steinbacher in the Sky film as Franz Beckenbauer

Klaus Steinbacher in Oktoberfest 1900 (c) ARD Degeto/Zeitsprung Pictures

The libero and world champion Franz Beckenbauer was considered the greatest German football hero for a long time, until he sidelined himself as a FIFA official. Nevertheless, Sky wants to shoot a biopic film about Beckenbauer with Klaus Steinbacher.

A football film about the life of Franz Beckenbauer is currently being shot in Prague. Klaus Steinbacher (Das Boot – Die Serie, Oktoberfest 1900) plays the title role in the Bavaria Fiction production for Sky Germany. The title chosen was “The emperor“, which for years was the nickname for the top athlete who won the World Cup as captain of the German national team in 1974 and did the same feat again in 1990 as a coach.

The film not only wants to focus on Beckenbauer’s greatest tournament successes, but also his “Battle“With the structures of football itself, which were so rigid at the time. Sky probably does not look into the recent past, in which Beckenbauer was less glorious as a FIFA official. In addition to various allegations of tax evasion and corruption and his commitment as ambassador to the Association of Russian Gas Producers, Beckenbauer also caused outrage when he put the shocking conditions on the construction sites for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar into perspective.

Also on the team for the Beckenbauer film: Ferdinand Hofer (“Crime scene Munich“), Teresa Rizos (“JGA“), Stefan Murr (The Ibiza Affair), Oliver Konietzny (“Lots of cows and one black sheep“), Bettina Mittendorfer (“Room with stable“), Heinz-Josef Braun (Hindafing), Christine Eixenberger (“Marie catches fire“) and Sina Tkotsch (Best Sisters).

The script was written by Martin Rauhaus (“And who takes the dog?“). Tim Trageser is directing (“The Wolf Gang“). There is already a first preview of actor Steinbacher as a young Franz Beckenbauer…

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