How to raise self-confident girls, quiet ones don’t look prettier

Girls have great power and over time they can forget it, becoming submissive women, involved in social pressure and afraid of being different. We want to invite you to create a new story for them and that is why we want to share with you how to educate girls who are confident, quiet they don’t look prettier.

Times have changed and thanks to mothers and fathers we have decided to create new traditions based on the common good, respect and a sense of community, but as we learn more, we realize that there is still a long way to go and one way to achieve much-needed change is by educating girls with emotional intelligence.

Make no mistake, a girl who knows the power of her voice will be a strong woman, not one that will harm those who do not share her opinion but one that is open to dialogue, to learn, to share her ideas and thus enrich her environment, always respecting others and trusting in what she can achieve.

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Although boys can also benefit from these tips and at the end of the day everyone should grow up with this sense of courage and strength, girls are the ones who require the most attention because they are still seen in some cases as less than men.

The idea behind these suggestions is achieve fairness with respectNot that they want to be like a man but that they value themselves, get to know each other and create healthy relationships of all kinds.

A girl who never forgets the power of her voice

A girl who knows the power of her voice is a girl who grew up surrounded by love and respect, so she will know how to get away from environments where her place is not respected and she will know how to deal with whoever wants to make her less, who wants to discredit her. The recommendations are:

Control of your character

Teach your child to speak with a cool head, to deal with difficult situations, and not to let emotions like anger take over. When we can calm down despite the situation, we can express ourselves more clearly.

In asking is giving

Teach your is that when it comes to expressing herself it is important to be empathetic with others, to do so with respect and thus, she will also be treated with respect.

Identification of feelings

To stay calm it is crucial to know what we are feeling, so validate his emotions, ask him how he feels, ask him to describe all kinds of emotions and thus he will know how to behave with emotional intelligence.

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The importance of your opinion and differences with others

Teach your daughter that she will not always be right and that others are not obliged to agree with her on everything, but she must still respect the right of others to express themselves.

The possibility of learning something new by making mistakes

Your daughter must learn that there are times when we are not right and more than feeling bad about it, this is an opportunity to learn something new. Acknowledging our mistakes also makes us great and opening ourselves to something new gives us new opportunities.

The people who listen to her

Teach your daughter that it is important to be listened to, that whoever loves her, appreciates her, respects her, will take the time to listen to what she has to say, so she will know that when they try to shut her up, make her change her mind or that they simply do not listen to her , that place and that person are not worthy of her and she must walk away, she will never settle for less.

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