How to keep mosquitoes away with plants?

From the month of May, the desire to enjoy a convivial moment in the garden, on the terrace or the balcony is felt. Unfortunately, unwanted guests invite themselves and invade outdoor spaces: mosquitoes. What to do to enjoy the outdoors without their presence? What are the natural solutions to scare them away and avoid bites. Mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes, how to get rid of them? Are there repellent plants? Which would they be? SHE. fr takes stock of these invaders and the solutions to be implemented. In particular, you can use certain repellent plants to get rid of mosquitoes. Grow them near windows, around the house, on the terrace or balcony to take advantage of these smells and use them as insect repellents to repel mosquitoes with, a priori, relative effectiveness on tiger mosquitoes, less sensitive to these scents.

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