How many children does Nicky Jam have and what is each one called

Before Nicky Jam to show the ‘B’ side of his successful career, only everything related to the art world was known: his songs, collaborations, achievements and luxurious lifestyle.

Once he started telling everything that happened to get where he is through his series, ‘Nicky Jam: the winner’Little by little he was showing more about his personal life. The man behind the singer father of four children: Alyssa, Yarimar, Joe Martin and Luciana.

One by one, these are his four children

There are very few occasions when Nicky Jam has decided to show his four children. The main reason is that he has always sought to maintain the privacy of children as carefully as possible so that they can lead a normal life without exposure.

But, like all proud parents, there has been no lack of opportunity to present them.

Alyssa, the eldest daughter

Alyssa was born when Nicky Jam was only 19 years old. At first, the singer denied knowing Yarimar Rivera, so he assured that he would not take over. Everything changed when the little girl was born.

Today the 19-year-old maintains a close relationship with her father, with whom she shares a passion for music.

Yarimar, Nicky Jam’s second daughter

Yarimar Rivera, the result of the singer’s relationship with Nancy, is also 19 years old. Although it seems that she does not lean towards the world of music, she does not stray much from the artistic medium. For what he shares through his social networks, he likes make up and modeling a lot.

Joe Martin, the only man

16-year-old Joe Martin is a true reflection of his father. They have a very close relationship, they spend hours playing and sharing moments together. They are accomplices.

There have always been rumors about Nicky’s paternity, since it was Archangel who raised him from a very young age. When the latter was asked about it, he said: “For me, Nicky Jam is the father of my son. I admire and respect him as an artist, and also as a human being.

The smallest: Luciana

Luciana is Nicky’s youngest daughter. He was born in August 2012 as a result of the relationship he had with Carolina Nieto. The little girl of only nine years old is super naughty, she loves cameras, singing and dancing.

Did you imagine what all of Nicky Jam’s children are like and the relationship with their father?

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