How is the "love triangle" lives Rhea Seehorn, the protagonist of Better Call Saul, with her partner

season 6 of Better Call Saul will definitely close the story. Although the production is still in the middle of filming, it was already known that it will feature the presence of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, the two main characters of the original fiction, Breaking Bad.

But they are not the big stars of the series, unlike Bob Odenkirk Y Rhea Seehorn. And the truth is that such is their talent in the series and the recognition they receive from the public, that both are among the actors most required by production companies today.

Beyond its protagonist, the actress who plays the lawyer Kim Wexler became one of the most important characters in Better Call Saul and what stands out the most is his brilliant performance. But not everyone knew that she arrived at the casting of the production deceived.

when in 2014 Rhea Seehorn He showed up to audition, they gave him to interpret something that had nothing to do with the series. The reason is that they did not want the script to leak and they were already fascinated with them, they simply needed to know her to finish making sure that she was the one for her.

But that is not the most shocking fact of the life of Seehornbut his sentimental life. She has been in a relationship for a long time with Graham Larson, a man who has little to do with show business, and who is dedicated to real estate.

Although the actress shares little of her private life, her partner accompanied her to an event of Better Call Saul and everything was revealed. But the biggest thing about that is that she was introduced to it by fashion designer Mary Haney, who was Larson’s ex-wife and the mother of her two children. A true movie story.

In the last few hours it came to light, as published by the Washington Daily News, that the actress and Graham Larson would have said yes in a totally secret wedding. There it is ensured that the couple performed a private ceremony with family and very close friends in which there was an exchange of vows.


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