Hear a previously unreleased version of the classic “Starman”

In 1972the British TV show, “Top of the Tops”had nothing more and nothing less than David Bowie in his program and for this, since the show was always developed with lip sync, a “live” studio version was recorded for the classic “Starman“.

The idea was simply to record it well, have everything ready and when Bowie and his band will perform on the live show, the production will play that recording, reports NME.

As part of the 50th Anniversary ‘The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars’the team that is still in charge of seeing everything related to the life and work of Bowiemanaged to recover this recording to relive that time and to be able to celebrate this album produced by Ken Scottin the studies trident from the city of London.

The track will be accompanied by ‘Five Years’, ‘Suffragette City’ & ‘Ziggy Stardust’more classics recovered from old studio sessions in a special format, which precisely give us a glimpse of another face of these same songs (that is, previous versions of what we met on the album).

Did they want to celebrate? Well now they have it! The vinyl that celebrates this anniversary can be purchased hereand then we leave you this beautiful version of “Starman“:

In other news, the music history of Bowie is infinite, but the one hidden behind this epic song is priceless.

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