Harry Styles: Is he how Freddie Mercury was?

London’s Wembley Stadium has been completely remodeled since Queen’s legendary performance at the Live Aid charity festival. The emblematic towers demolished and replaced by a spectacular cupola arch. But the sacred site of great victories (and defeats) has stayed the same vibe since the summer of 1985. Hold a multifunction temple in version 3.0.

Even the highly serious “Financial Times” could not help but compare Harry Styles’ triumphant concert in the Grand Opera des Sports with the performance of Queen and especially Freddie Mercury 37 years ago. The stock market reporters were fascinated by the “rainbow-colored trail of feather boa fluff” that Harry Styles fans had already used to decorate the access routes to the stadium.

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen, at Leeds Football Club, England on May 29, 1982. (Photo by Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Especially in his home country of England, appearances by the new megastar are always a reason to dress up in a bombastic way. “Entering the cavernous venue felt like crossing a lively sea of ​​glitter, feathers and pheromones,” noted the otherwise analytically sober financial paper.

The colleague felt a “dizzy mood”. Outshone by Harry Styles, who started out wearing a dainty red-and-white heart-printed dungaree and looked “like a harlequin.” No comparison was too great to declare the “survivors of a boy band” (the almost forgotten One Direction) as a brightly shining solo phenomenon.

So the way to Freddie Mercury wasn’t far. Not only the Upper British distinction platform “Lad Bible” referred to the Queen legend. In a veritable vademecum, the style experts even compared individual moments from “then” and “now”: For example, entering the Mercury and Styles stages. Both asked the mega pack to sing along at full speed. The call-and-response game of both singers with “Ay – Oh” couldn’t have been more historically charged. Oh, my god – amazing!

The Lads unleashed a battery of Twitter users to back up their observations: “Having the same energetic vibes as Freddie Mercury, Harry Styles is a most beautiful sight,” one wrote.

A second added that the passage of time made it impossible “that Freddie Mercury and Harry Styles were absolutely in love.”

A third in line capped the whole thing with the extravagant thought: “If the multiverse theory is true, I sincerely hope Freddie Mercury and Harry Styles are best friends in at least one of them.”

An old schooler also had his say: “I was fortunate enough to have lived long enough to see both Freddie and Harry. I don’t think Harry would ever compare himself to Freddie. However, they both have a way of mesmerizing an audience.”

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