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He put aside the controversies and concentrates on his music. Giuliana Rengifo She states that she is at her best after having undergone a surgical procedure on her bust to feel more comfortable with herself and also because of the opening of her new boutique.

When it comes to love, the cumbiambera is not in a hurry, although she affirms that she has several suitors who have wanted to give her luxurious gifts. “There are people out there, on Instagram, they ask me out, they offer me trips and many other things, but there is no way I accept because I respect myself a lot. I’m not looking for love, but I think it will come at some point, “she said in an interview with Trome.

Giuliana Rengifo accepts that she did not know how to “choose well” in love

As recalled, the singer Giuliana Rengifo acknowledged on several TV shows that she was romantically involved with the notary Alfredo Zambrano, but for a short time. This news was not funny to Magaly Medina, her current wife, so she was involved in several dimes and diretes. After that, she prefers to leave sentimental issues in the background.

“I am focused on my Boutique Giuliana Rengifo, which will be two months since it opened at the CC Los Balcones de Olimpo, in Salamanca. I want to continue growing provincially. Also, I will record a new song; so, if love comes, let it come then, but she expressed.

Giuliana Rengifo intervenes in a fight between Janet Barboza and Alfredo Zambrano. Photo: Capture/Willax/Instagram/LR


Giuliana Rengifo proud of the woman she has become

The former member of Agua Bella highlights that she does not need any man to achieve her goals. “I under the stars myself. I’m not a millionaire or anything, but the woman who wants to move on does.”

He is currently recovering from his operation. “It has been very tedious, but I had to do it at once. I wanted some ‘boobies’ that go according to my new silhouette and now I have them”.

Giuliana Rengifo underwent a mastopexy to reduce her breasts. Photo: Instagram

Giuliana Rengifo commented.

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