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¡Gisela Valcarcel come back to tv! The host marks her return to the small screen with “La gran Estrella”, a new format that will premiere on the night of this Saturday, August 6, and one of the ‘jales’ will be Yahaira Plasencia. What role will the sauce boat have in the new musical program?

Yahaira Plasencia in “The Great Star”

giselle has kept details of the new show strictly private. However, a few weeks ago he confirmed that Sergio George would be in “The Great Star” and questioned whether Yahaira would also be part of the television space.

Speculation is over! Gisela Valcárcel revealed, in an interview for El Trome, that she, like her producer, the singer Yahaira Plasencia will be on the track of the new reality show.

It is not yet known what role the sauceboat would play. So far, the popular “Señito” has only confirmed her presence: “Yes, Yahaira will also be there.”

The sauce boat will be in “La gran Estrella”, Gisela Valcálcer’s new program. Photo: Yahaira Plasencia/Instagram


What is “The Great Star” about, Gisela Valcárcel’s new format?

After more than a decade producing “El gran show”, Gisela Valcarcel He decided to leave behind the dance floor that brought together various artists from the show business to give a space to Peruvian talent.

With the new proposal, detractors also appeared who claim that the format would not work in Peru. However, Gisela was sure of her new program.

“Every year I take a risk, I think that everyone who does something new takes it and it is good to bet on Peruvian talent. I can only tell you that the rest remains in the public (the audience), because we are working hard, “he said.

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