Geraldine Bazán says that jeans and a t-shirt are the “mom’s uniform” and celebrities confirm it

The moms look for practicality and modernity in their outfitsIn other words, that your wardrobe is functional and comfortable, without losing glamor and sophistication, because having children or not has nothing to do with style, but the dynamics of our routine does impact the type of clothing that is required. and how we are going to combine clothes.

If there is someone who knows how to style her outfit being a mom and a fabulous one, that is the actress Geraldine Bazan, a fantastic woman with an impressive acting career and a very beautiful family. She is 39 years old and two very cute daughters with his expesoso Gabriel Soto.

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Recently, the Mexican actress shared a photo on social networks in which she looks divine with a casual casual outfit but with a chic touch because in the basics, fashion has a lot of room to grow and we see her lovely in jeans and a white t-shirt and she says that this is the ‘mom look’.

Jeans and T-shirt

She wrote: “Mom’s uniform: jeans, white t-shirt and tennis shoes”, exemplifying with emoticons and we see her in the photo that she shares in bed and indeed wearing jean pants, a white tank top and a braided hairstyle, hoop earrings plus fresh makeup that illuminates her face with pink lips and mascara that marks your eyes well.

She looks beautiful and her fans tell her that she looks very pretty, adding that it looks angelic and very beautiful. Her outfit looks fabulous, built on very basic garments but demonstrating not only that less is more, but that an informal outfit can also be fantastic, you just have to put a lot of attitude and shine from within like Geraldine Bazán does.

Other celebrities confirm

This casual yet chic look is the formula o foolproof combination for instant sophistication And the actress is not the only celebrity mom who wears outfits of this type, with their respective variants, that is, sometimes jeans of another color, T-shirts instead of T-shirts, and perhaps patterned T-shirts.

We chose some famous moms who exemplify the principle that Geraldine Bazán proposes and we find among the celebrities who have given their twist to the idea, personalities like Jacky Bracamontes, Natalia Tellez, Sandra Echeverria and internationally, Gal Gadot and Eva Longoria.

So we confirm, Geraldine Bazán could not be more right, something simple like this look is perfect because it is practical, but it is also fabulous and thus, the balance between one and the other is the infallible option for succeed in style

Geraldine Bazán says that jeans and a T-shirt are the “mom’s uniform” and other celebrities confirm this. PHOTO: Instagram @jackybrv @natalia_tellez @sandraecheverriaoficial

Geraldine Bazán says that jeans and a t-shirt are the

Geraldine Bazán says that jeans and a T-shirt are the “mom’s uniform” and other celebrities confirm this. PHOTO: Instagram @evalongoria @gal_gadot

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