Gemstone Inspired Baby Names

Gemstone Inspired Baby Names | Source: Freepik

Gemstones have been a source of inspiration for mothers-to-be looking for the right name for their most valuable jewelry.. If you have not decided what your baby will be called, you can take into account the following proposals.

Some women have always been clear about how they will name their future children, others decide to continue with the family tradition, but also there are those who are inspired by the gems that since time immemorial have fascinated humanity.

If you are in the sweet wait and you have not chosen the name that will accompany your baby who is on the way, We list some inspired by precious and semi-precious stones of natural origin that have a very special sonority and a symbolic meaning.

Some gemstone inspired baby names are:

Girl names:


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Virtuous


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: The protector


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Sweetness, sensitivity


  • Arabic origin
  • Meaning: What floats in the sea


  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Green jewel


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Sea stone


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: To be


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: The one who radiates purity


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Precious stone


  • Origin Spanish
  • Meaning: Jewel


  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: The one that has grace


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Luminous


  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: The one who is precious


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Red


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: The moon

Names for boy:


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Guardian of the light


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: That is beautiful like that flower


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Neat

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