Game of Thrones spin-off unveils a huge dragon on its new poster

Series House of the Dragonthe spin-off of Game Of Thronescontinues to promote it with a new poster that features one of the Targaryens’ enormous dragons.

It was recently revealed that Kit Harington’s Jon Snow could return in a sequel, but before HBO taps into the remains, the channel will first trace the family tree of the character and his aunt and lover Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). to recount the events that precipitated the downfall of House Targaryen (other than inbreeding). The story will thus take place almost 200 years before the beginning of Game Of Thrones and will focus on a new war of succession, betrayals, swords, but also dragons.

The principle series taking place nearly a century after the virtual disappearance of the dragons, the latter were only three in the main series, but should logically be more numerous in the prequel series taken from the novel Fire and Blood by writer George RR Martin and piloted by Ryan Condal (colony).

Game of Thrones, whose dragons were a major component of the universe

The fact that the Targaryens can control dragons doesn’t seem to be central to the story and wasn’t even particularly highlighted during the promo. The trailer only had two quick appearances that didn’t really leave time to appreciate the creatures. After sharing a series of posters on the different characters, HBO unveiled a new poster with the character of Rhaenyra Targaryen (embodied here by Milly Alcock, then Emma D’Arcy once older) but also and above all a huge dragon.

House of the Dragon: photo, Emma D'Arcy, Emma D'Arcy

For the moment, House of the Dragon is the only confirmed spin-off from Game Of Thrones, although others have been announced. The channel would thus like to extend the universe with the adaptation of new Tales of Dunk and Egg with the character of Aegon Targaryen V, the series on great travels of Lord Corlys Velaryon, that on the warrior princess Nymeria and finally that on the poor and disreputable district of Culpucier in Port-Réal. Not all of these projects – like the Jon Snow spin-off – are immune to cancellation like the previous planned prequel starring Naomie Harris, however.

On his side, House of the Dragon will land from August 22 on OCS.

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