Galilea Montijo “resigns” to Hoy knowing how much they earn on OnlyFans

Galilea Montijo “resigns” to Hoy knowing how much they earn on OnlyFans | INSTAGRAM SPECIAL

Galilea Montijo “resigns” to Hoy knowing how much they earn on OnlyFans. The famous presenter who has great recognition in the entertainment world, literally He was left with his mouth open when he found out how much people who upload images to the platform earn.

During the broadcast of the morning program Hoy, Arath de la Torre spoke about the case of a woman who uploads material to the famous website: “I have information about the millionaire business of Only Fans, there is a North American, called Gem 101, she earns 29 million dollars a month.”

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This figure is equivalent to 592 million pesos per month. So Galilea immediately got up from her chair and announced that he would resign from the program. “You know that, ma’am, I love you very much, I love you, thank you for all these years, I love you,” she said.

The driver Andrea Legarreta was also surprised and asked what had to be done to be there, in this regard, Galilea replied that: “Only show the meats.”

Gali, 49, thanked all the love she has received by his followers, but he considered that it was time to dedicate himself to something else. He even questioned if he had chosen the right career.

In addition, he remembered Yanet García, who was one of the first Mexican celebrities to join the platform: “. We are wrong in the business. Janet, I’m going with you.” In the midst of the jokes, the Jalisco woman assured that she would not have her own account and said that at her age she could only have OnlyFlans.

But, Paul Stanley offered to take the photos and Andrea Legarreta highlighted that not all people earn the same. The drivers clarified that they should not only appear as Evas.

At that moment The son of former driver Paco Stanley interrupted to point out that the people who earn the most are those who show their bodies and even stressed that there are very strong thingsso Martha Figueroa immediately said that now she knows what the young driver spends all his fortnights on. SEE THE MOMENT WHEN GALI “RESIGNED”

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