following the return of Bob Iger, Apple could buy the company

The rumor resurfaces regularly, and so here it is again: Apple could soon acquire disney. So, following the return of Bob Iger at the head of the company, is it really possible? In any case, this is the opinion of a insider.

A big upheaval to be expected following the return of Bob Iger to the head of disney?

From 2005 to 2020, Bob Iger led Disney with a masterful hand, participating in major restructuring of the company for fifteen years: for more details, it’s here. He then gave way to another Bob, Chapek this time. But now, after two years at the head of the firm with the big ears, this one disappears to make its place for Iger, who will aim to “to lead the company through this pivotal period”, in the words of the President of the Board of Directors.

While Disney has experienced many difficulties lately, what big developments could allow it to raise the bar? The possibilities are obviously numerous, but it would seem that one of them simply ends in a takeover of the company by Apple! It is in any case what affirms an insider who preferred to remain anonymous but who seems rather sure of himself.

Takeover of disney by apple: rumors that have been multiplying for years

According to the anonymous insider, a takeover of Disney by Apple would be “the pinnacle deal for the ultimate negotiator”. A very beautiful sentence which, in reality, does not mean much. At the very least, it does not bring any concrete element to put in the tooth to support the idea of ​​a possible takeover in the near future. Does the insider in question merely affirm that the two firms have “similar brand identities” and that Bob Chapek “would welcome him positively: he would be the last CEO of Disney”.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have to get our teeth into for now. a little light, but that didn’t stop the rumors from spreading like wildfire. It must be said that the takeover of Disney by Apple seems to make more than one fantasize, and this for the simple reason that the deal would have been seriously considered years ago, since Steve Jobs was a very good friend of Bob Iger. We therefore understand that the return of this one at the head of Disney raises questions, but we remember that the many rumors about such an agreement have never been founded.

If Apple could technically afford to buy Disney, the market valuation of the first being valued at 2,289 billion dollars against “only” 180 billion for the secondseveral analysts consider that such a transaction could pose a problem among stock market regulators, who could prevent everything from succeeding. On the side ofApple Insiderwe consider anyway that this famous takeover is not in the boxes of Tim Cook’s firm. It remains to be seen if this one will be able to surprise us with an unexpected announcement.

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