Flor Polo, Nestor Villanueva | Magaly Medina against “En Boca De Todos” after an episode with Susy Díaz: “I find it quite humiliating” | entertainment

Outraged! Magaly Medina He spoke about the uncomfortable moment that Susy Díaz lived in the program “In everyone’s mouth” last Tuesday, June 21. The former parliamentarian left the television set when she did not feel the support of Ricardo Rondón and Tomás Angulo after denouncing that Flor Polo was the victim of aggression by Néstor Villanueva.

This unfortunate fact caused the rejection of the ATV figure, who did not hesitate to criticize the entertainment space.


What did Magaly Medina say?

“I have here Susy Diaz and Paloma. (Both) suffered an event that seemed quite humiliating if we talk about violence against women. It seemed to me a rather misogynistic attitude and with a lot of fury. Susy Díaz left the set of “On everyone’s lips” because she was talking about what her daughter had gone through. They put Tomás Angulo who I don’t know what happened to him, ”said Magaly Medina.

he added.

Magaly Medina regrets that Maju Mantilla and Tula Rodríguez do not defend Flor Polo

Likewise, the host of Magaly TV, the firm attacked the hosts of the program for not showing solidarity with Flor Polo, after the attacks by Ricardo Rondón and Tomás Angulo.

“I found it really objectionable and absurd. They should wash their faces a bit on that show, Tula and the other one (Maju) both talk about morals. They had to go out and confront because that is how one defends the genre. She puts her heart and chest on who she needs, for flower pole whom we have seen grow up on television”, he concluded.

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