Ezra Miller: Filtered video of the actor screaming when arrested: “Don’t take the ring from ‘The Flash’” | Famous

Ezra Miller He has generated controversy after being arrested again in Hawaii and shocked many of his followers by leaking a video of this event. In the images it can be seen that the actor of “TheFlash” Y “Fantastic Animals” He was involved in an incident in a bar and became aggressive when asked to leave the place, requiring the intervention of the police.

According to TMZ, the medium that obtained these images, the artist would have verbally and physically assaulted customers who were singing in karaoke.


Ezra Miller defends himself after arrest

After being arrested by the authorities, Ezra Miller defended himself by saying that it was he who received the attacks from a man who claimed to be a Nazi.

“I have been assaulted in this bar twice (…) That man in the bar claimed to be a Nazi, I have it on record, and he attacked me. The 9th Amendment gives me the right not to be unlawfully prosecuted for a crime of which I am not guilty.” Held.

Likewise, he is heard saying that he is transgender and non-binary, for which he asks not to be searched by a male police officer.

Ezra Miller furious when police take his ring from the movie “The Flash”

However, the actor became violent when the police took his ring from the movie “The Flash”. For this reason, in the images Ezra Miller shouts:

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