Does Carmen Villalobos not like how William Levy kisses?

carmen villalobos Y William Levy starred in the great success “Woman-fragranced coffee”where they showed a huge chemistry as a couple, to the point that after the recording of the series ended they became very good friends in real life.

Despite this, many of their fans believed that the actors had something more than a simple friendship, since the enormous connection that existed between the two was undeniable. But all this was speculation, since the protagonists only got along very well on set and as co-workers. It should be remembered that when they were recording, the Cuban was still married to Elizabeth Gutierrezwhile Carmen has a solid relationship with Sebastian Caicedo.

For both Villalobos and Levy, “Café con aroma de mujer” opened the doors of their artistic careers even more, since it became a tremendous success and was one of the most popular series on the Netflix streaming platform. In this series they formed a couple playing Sebastián Vallejos and Lucía Sanclemente, so there were many scenes that they performed together. As an engaged couple in fiction, the scenes were full of kisses, hugs and passionate scenes, where the chemistry between them stood out.

In an interview given by the actress while promoting her new series “Until silver separates us”, she referred to this type of scene with the Cuban heartthrob. Villalobos took the opportunity to clarify that there was only professionalism between them and not a possible romance as many said. “Do not. No. Really, with William we get along super well, he is a great colleague to feel something for him, no, zero. Besides, you are in this and you know everything well, there are the cameras, and the people behind it, ”she indicated.

He also made a strong confession that has left many shocked, since he talked about the kisses that were given in front of the cameras. The actress assured that she did not enjoy giving Levy kisses because she is simply part of her job. “It’s not that I’m going to kiss and oh how delicious! I’m going to enjoy it! That doesn’t happen.

On the other hand, I am talking about her romantic scenes with Sebastián Martínez, her partner in the new series “Until silver separates us”, which premiered in Colombia and the United States on May 10. “When I had kissing scenes with Sebas, it was like she introduced herself, how about nice to meet you?, clarifying that it is not something that involves pleasure.

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