Disability due to menstruation announced and women celebrate

Announce disability due to menstruation and women celebrate. | pexels

Disability due to menstruation announced and women celebratebecause finally the difficult process that several girls live around the world due to natural causes will be taken into account, because their period becomes painful and prevents them from carrying out their activities everyday.

It is the story that has become a trend in social networks, because although the measure will be considered by the Spanish government, If approved, it would mark a world precedent and women could not be happier that this condition is recognized.

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It is dysmenorrhea, a health condition where the menstrual period is presented with pain and cramps so strong able to keep the woman who suffers in bed for days, some have compared the level of pain with that of a heart attack and therefore, this bill is giving something to talk about.

Privately, places like Silicon Valley, where the offices of the main technology companies in the United States reside, have already implemented guidelines in this regard and every month women are offered three days for a menstrual period where they can work from home, so they can deal with the discomfort without worrying about going to the office and they decide whether to take them or not, they are paid the same as a common day.

In the case of Spain, this Disability proposal due to Menstrual Period is part of a new abortion law which also plans to authorize that 16-year-old women can interrupt a pregnancy without their parents’ permission.

Announce disability due to menstruation and women celebrate.  pexels

Dysmenorrhea affects 50% of women.

About disability due to menstruation, Three days of medical incapacity are contemplated, since it is estimated that dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation affects more than 50% of women. Irene Moreno, Minister of Equality, announced that it will be on May 17 when the reform is presented to the Council of Ministers to become law.

According to information published by the newspaper Público de España, this law will include a chapter on the right to menstrual health where in addition to medical disability due to dysmenorrhea, it is also proposed that educational centers guarantee hygiene products for menstruation, seeking to combat what is called “menstrual poverty”.

Another of the points that women celebrate is that it also contemplates providing free hygiene products to women in situations of exclusion and the elimination of VAT on all these products such as towels, tampons and more.

Ángela Rodríguez, Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence, revealed figures on the women who are affected by this condition each month and pointed out:

“There is a study that says that 53% of women suffer from painful periods, in young people it rises to 74%. When the problem cannot be solved medically, we believe that it is very sensible that there is a temporary disability associated with this issue…we are not talking about slight discomfort, but serious symptoms…”

Dysmenorrhea in Mexico

According to the Ministry of Health in Mexico, it is estimated that 50% of Mexican women have experienced dysmenorrhea at some time in their life and also that those who suffer from severe symptoms is because this condition is associated with another condition such as endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease and more.

Dysmenorrhea does not only consist of punctual pain in the abdominal area of the woman but may cause heavy bleeding, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, headacheamong others.

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