Dina Páucar: “Prejudices are still lived up to now” | Concerts | Huaralino | Pedro Castillo | shows

Dina Paucar will celebrate his 32 years in music with a concert (this Sunday in Huaralino) that he considers different. “On two occasions we have experienced very difficult moments with this terrible disease (Covid) that touched us, but we were able to overcome everything,” he told us yesterday by phone on his return from Sayán. “Now we have agreed commitments until May.”

Páucar remembers her beginnings in vernacular music as “difficult” years in which she worked as a street vendor or housemaid. “Every beginning has its suffering. In the year 2000, I think, I recently consolidated my career, because we had been singing for years. If you stay on the road, you have not believed in your dreams. Before it was very difficult to deal with the radio and if you didn’t have money, how did you promote? Now things are easier, you have social networks at hand, it’s easier to make yourself known”.

Despite the current popularity of vernacular music, the singer maintains that there is still racism around. “Prejudices are lived up to now, I don’t know when we will change the idea of ​​despising each other, but I am already used to receiving any number of things and I ignore them, nothing hurts me and I continue on my way, I do not get into trouble for more harsh insults they can do to me. I got used to it, imagine! What a shame to say that.”

With the help of her daughter, Dina Páucar is on Tik Tok. A month ago, on that social network, a user shared a video of the interpreter joining the claims against the government. “I was on a trip from Huánuco to Huaraz and I was stranded for more than 6 hours. The moms were demanding, they were striking and protesting. Obviously, I had to go down because they recognized me and I couldn’t be oblivious to their claim, right? I only told (the president) not to forget the people who believed in him and to keep his promise, ”she comments, adding that she would do it again. “If I were to be on the same stage again, with the demand of the people, of those mommies who, crying in Quechua, spoke to me as if I were a person who could solve their problems. Many times they complain to me and the only thing that I am is a spokesperson”.

Páucar is reminded on social networks of his presentations in political campaigns, but he considers that he did not support any politician. “I have never supported anyone and I do not support anyone. It is one thing to be hired like any other person who goes and works. That is very different from wearing the color, the shirt to support and be in the day with them. Throughout my life I have not supported anyone. When they become authorities, we artists are forgotten.”

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