Diego Torres: “I am happy to rediscover my profession” | Bruno Ascenzo | Vibrate Peru | shows

Diego Torres returns to Peru and will do so as the international artist of the festival vibe peru, which will take place at Plaza Arena del Jockey Club on December 10. With him will be Eva Ayllón, Raúl Romero, Amy Gutiérrez, Max Castro, Hermanos Yaipén, Mauricio Mesones, Ezio Oliva and Marisol. “With Peru I have many affections, many concerts, good friends and moments lived. Happy to sing live again and visit them, after a difficult time due to the pandemic, and what better than with great artists from Peru. I can’t be happier, I really want to go and enjoy, ”said the Argentine musician and actor from his homeland.

—You have said that after the pandemic you are rediscovering some of your things.

—Yes, mainly, for those of us who work traveling it was a very hard change that we went through in the pandemic. I think that personally I am happy to be able to rediscover my trade, the possibility of traveling and taking my music to different places, of enjoying meeting people, of traveling with my work team.

—What do you think has been the cost that the covid has left?

—It has been on a personal level, I think that whether you dedicate yourself to music or another job at home or office, I think that all this affected us a lot. We were distracted by a lot of things that are not so important, so many things that we had within reach and had value and we did not give it to them. Then, those who traveled for work underwent a drastic change. In my case, the fact of remembering videos that came out on my phone, from tours and concerts, was anguish. And when the months passed and the strains and everything we had been suffering, he said: ‘When will I enjoy what I love again and meet people again?’ I think that everyone should be making their evaluation of what we have experienced. They have been hard times in which loved ones have been lost, very sad.

—And this return to the stage has been very auspicious, you filled the Gran Rex in your country, for example.

—Yes, there have been seven dates that sold out very quickly to a full house. Luckily, we came up with an incredible response from the public. This year I also come from doing a music program on Spanish television, where I made great friends and colleagues.

—As an actor, what have you done?

—Here in Argentina I was participating in ‘El encargado’, a series by Guillermo Francella, for its second season on Star+. And now I will go to Mexico to participate in Tell me what you want (adaptation of the Argentine film Dos más dos). It’s a great cast, with people I know as Manolo Cardona, Stephanie Keya dear friend and actress who is in my video ‘Esa mujer’, from my album Atlántico a pie, also Angie Cepeda, with whom I have a great friendship.

—The film is directed by Bruno Ascenzo. What will your character be?

—Yes, I’m happy to participate there and return to my job as an actor. I already knew Bruno and his work, and I am happy to work with him and with a great cast of people whom I love very much. I know we are going to have a great time and that also makes this job very rewarding. It will be a special participation and hopefully people enjoy it.

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