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After the death of Diego Bertie, the media are looking for a statement from the relatives of the Peruvian actor. Due to the inconvenience it can cause, several television figures came forward demanding respect for the pain of their relatives. Some of them were Juliana and Lucia, the sisters Oxenford.

In the early hours of this Friday, August 5, the Peruvian authorities went to the home of Diego Bertie after an emergency call. The actor fell from the 14th floor of the building where he lived and the body was taken to the Casimiro Ulloa hospital. Hours after what happened, the health establishment issued a statement to confirm the death of the actor.


What did Juliana Oxenford say?

At the beginning of the program “In the style of Juliana”, the journalist called attention to professionals who do not feel empathy for the pain of Diego Bertie’s relatives and sent a message to demand respect for the pain of this unfortunate loss.

“If the family decides to reserve and not share the information about where Diego Bertie will be veiled, they must comply with that. It is the least we can do as responsible journalists who understand the pain of other people, ”he said at the beginning.

“It is very hard. Human beings have the right to cry alone and in private, with our relatives and the people we love, not being exposed to a situation where they will end up presenting a close-up of tears, of pain. That is not news. The news is that Diego Bertie ceased to exist at the age of 54. The only thing that matters is that the people who loved him so much can recover from an event as painful as this, ”he continued.

He also had words regarding the singer’s daughter: “The daughter does not have any kind of exposure. She is not famous, she is not a person who wants to have the press all over her. She just found out that her father has died.”

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Lucía Oxenford also spoke in networks

Juliana’s sister showed her discomfort on social networks. Through her official Twitter account, Lucía Oxenford had strong words for the media that carry out irresponsible and insistent coverage regarding the singer’s relatives.

“The journalists harassing Diego Bertie’s family at the door of the building is disgusting. I don’t retweet the video because that would make me part of all those dehumanized people. A real piece of journalism. Leave the family in peace”, can be read in the publication of the professional.

Lucía Oxenford shows her discomfort at the journalists’ insistence. Photo: @luciaoxenford/Twitter

Did you know that Diego Bertie was the voice of Radio La Unolvidable?

Users found an old video published by Radio La Inolvidable on their social networks, in which they revealed that the voice that identified this station for so many years belonged to Diego Bertie, causing surprise among his followers.

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Ethel Pozo also outraged journalists

Another of the figures who was uncomfortable with the reporters who were looking for a response from Diego Bertie’s family at all costs was Ethel Pozo, who also expressed her annoyance during her program “America today”: “Respect has been asked, please, Oswaldo (the reporter for “América Hoy”) there will be a time, I think on Sundays… In other types of programs, unfortunately you want to see further and know the details”.

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Fire Chief was friends with Diego Bertie

During the broadcast of “On everyone’s lips”, Mario Casaretto surprised viewers by revealing that he met Diego Bertie on the recordings of “Leonela”. He also said that both joked and expressed his admiration for the actor.

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