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Peruvian singer and actor Diego Bertie died in the early hours of this Friday, August 5, after falling from the 14th floor of a building in Miraflores. The artist is remembered for his participation in numerous soap operas and movies such as “Natacha”, “There is room in the background”, “Back to the neighborhood”, “Things of love”, “This smells bad”, among many others.

Earlier this year, Bertie monopolized all the covers after confirming, for the first time, that he had a love affair with the journalist and writer Jaime Bayly when they were both university students, after avoiding the subject for 28 years.


said for the program “Magaly TV: the firm”in which he also stated that Bayly used this chapter of his life to profit from the sale of his books.

a hidden romance

The story of Bayly and Bertie goes back a long time, in 1994, when the journalist published one of his most successful books: “Don’t tell anyone”. In his pages, he narrated the life of Joaquín Camino, who was homosexual and fought against the pressure of his conservative family. Since the spread of it, many believed that it was his own biography.

Jaime Bayly wrote “Don’t tell anyone” in the early 1990s. Photo: Buscalibre.pe

Another central character was Gonzalo Guzmán, an actor from Lima whom Joaquín met in an interview and with whom he had a fleeting and passionate romance. Both hid the relationship for two reasons: they had girlfriends and, before the world, they presented themselves as heterosexual. Gonzalo’s character was quickly related to Diego Bertiewho was already a recognized interpreter in the 90s.


The speculations that revolved around this alleged romance quickly became difficult to ignore, so that same year, Jaime Bayly invited Diego Bertie to the set of his television show “El francotirador”. “You know that I published this novel and I was very sorry that certain rogue press associated certain people with my novel. You were one of those victims. What did you feel?” he asked her.

Diego Bertie did not deny or affirm anything, but simply answered: .

The media fight

Nobody talked about it anymore, until, in 2005, Bayly confessed his liking for the actor, who by then was already openly homosexual. “Yes, (I know he is divorced). I hope he is well, happy, I remember him fondly. I do believe that Diego Bertie will always like me, but I am already old, I do not think he is interested in having a romp with me, “Bayly mentioned in an interview for Magaly Medina.


Bertie, for his part, had avoided talking about it for 10 years, but the journalist’s statements focused the spotlight on him again. Finally, he relented and talked about their estrangement. “I do not tell my intimacies on television, it will be his style, I respect it. That he speaks what he wants, total, they are words and words. That he continues to do his program and I do mine, “he assured.

Jaime Bayly and Diego Bertie. Photo: Composite LR/GLR/Instagram

Diego Bertie’s confession

After 28 years of the publication of the book and the beginning of speculation, the artist Diego Bertie admitted that he did have an affair with Jaime Bayly. In addition, he expressed his anger and pain at the way in which the writer “profited” from said story and repeatedly exposed his intimacy.

“It was not a relevant relationship. What was relevant was what he did with it. He wrote books, he exposed my privacy. He violated my family, my daughter, my life, my career, and he hurt me a lot, “Bertie acknowledged in an interview for Magaly Medina.

“Never (I fell in love). She was like a shadow, a ghost (…). When I was exposed, he took off and married my best friend,” she added.

Currently, Bayly has been married for 11 years to Silvia Núñez del Arco, whom he met when she was 18 and he was 42. They both have a daughter and are based in Miami.

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