Deolane responds if she would participate in the next edition of the BBB

Deolane is always one of the most requested people by BBB fans

Deolane is one of the personalities that at the beginning of the year was very requested to be on the biggest relity show in the country, Big Brother Brasil. She even, at the time of the program, used her social network to make a request. On Twitter, the lawyer asked to join the “BBB 22“, from Globo, after the ‘Game of Discord’, which generated a lot of confusion. “Put me inside this BBB to see what happens in this discord game”, said the lawyer, DJ and singer.

This week, in a conversation with journalist Fernanda Catania and Gretchen, the lawyer responded to frequent requests to participate in the “BBB” and hinted that she would not accept the invitation to the reality show. “Then I do not know. I’m afraid of getting out of there. Caught or cancelled. Although canceled they try every day, right? But actually, I don’t know (whether I would accept it),” she declared.

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Last year she had already commented on this. Deolane did not rule out participating in “BBB 22”, but acknowledged that the program could expose some aspects of her personality: “The problem is to show her flaws and imperfections”, said the criminal lawyer, when she won a dish with her name at the renowned restaurant Paris 6 .

Deolane Bezerra won millions of fans and huge success on social media in 2021. The lawyer even launched her career as a DJ and made a lot of money with her astronomical fee, in addition to making the Doctor’s Ball boom. MC Kevin’s widow also released her first song, a tribute to her late fiancé.

According to the PopTime profile, one of the reasons for Deolane no longer be present in the last edition of the Globo program, as she was already at an advanced stage of negotiation to enter the next season of “A Fazenda”, on Tv Record.

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