Couple: activities you can do and not just watch series

Couple: activities you can do and not just watch series | Instagram

Every relationship takes time and effort, yet our busy schedules and erratic work schedules, it is impossible to spend quality time with our partner during the weekdays, right? Fortunately, you can always bond with your partner on the weekends.

But try not to let your routine get boring and not heading to the same sushi place every Saturday night doesn’t count.. If you are looking for things to do with your partner, there are many activities you can do, but it is not about intimacy, it is something subtle, beautiful and that can help you create a lot of companionship with your partner.

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go to the gym together

It’s true what they say about couples who sweat together, stay together! During workouts, your body releases endorphins and dopamines and makes you feel happy, and exercising with your partner allows you to bond with them in this happy state of mind. If you don’t like going to the gym, opt for fun and interesting activities like indoor rock climbing, Zumba, or another activity—basically anything to keep you both fit!

Traveling as a couple is beneficial

stay in bed and talk

Weekends are for lazing in bed, especially in the mornings! Make sure you don’t spend your time in bed checking social media, instead work on connecting with your partner. Spend time talking and snuggling with each other and chatting from very light to deeper things.

go on a long trip

Sometimes the best way to catch up with your boyfriend may be to take a long, uninterrupted drive. Get in the car without a specific destination in mind, buy some snacks for the road and drive aimlessly! It will be a beautiful and fun experience.

Take a bubble bath together

Is there anything more romantic than long bubble baths with your partner? We don’t think so! Prepare a warm bath, light some exotic aromatic candles, pour in essential oils and have a bottle of chilled champagne or red wine handy, with some chocolate fruits, what follows is already part of your imagination

cook your favorite food

Ordering your favorite deep crust pizza may be more convenient, but what’s the fun in that? Much has been said about how cooking can be a great bonding activity, so why not give it a try this weekend? Find an easy recipe together and make at least one fancy meal together.

DIY Home

Whether you’re hanging a picture or finally putting together a piece of furniture, you’ll find that doing chores with your partner is a great way to get closer to them. Also, this “date” can be a great excuse to trick your partner into helping you with something you’ve wanted to do forever.

go for ice cream

If you’re both going to work over the weekend, there’s no reason you can’t speed date for ice cream at night. Walk to the place if it’s nearby, try different flavors and talk about your day and work.

In addition to these tips above, remember not to be on your phone all the time to really connect with your partner. A few hours away from technology will not only help you recharge, but also allow you to reconnect with your better half.

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An activity together is beneficial

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