Conspiracy Theory: Did Michael Jackson Fake His Own Death?

June 25, 2009. 2:44 p.m. “TMZ” announces the death of Michael Jackson. Millions of fans around the world mourn the tragic and sudden death of the King of Pop. Several rumors then circulated concerning the causes of his disappearance: cardiac arrest, suicide, murder. A few days later, the artist’s family, then inconsolable, asked for a second autopsy to be carried out because of doubts about the circumstances of his death. The results fall. The artist would have succumbed following an overdose of propofol. His doctor, Conrad Murray, will later be sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter.

On July 2, 2009, Michael Jackson’s funeral took place in Los Angeles and was broadcast live around the world. Some fans are gradually accepting the death of their idol, others still can’t believe it and are even convinced that the artist is actually still alive. He would have simply faked his own death. This time around, that speculation is much bigger than just a conspiracy theory as millions of people are convinced that Michael Jackson can’t be dead. But then why? First of all, he was young, in good health and his death came suddenly. The shock is violent. But that’s not all. The reasons for his death remain very vague, without concrete and precise explanations. Then, no sooner had he died than hundreds of so-called “evidence” appeared on the internet proving otherwise. Fans absolutely want to prove by any means that the singer could not disappear overnight from our world. So did Michael Jackson fake his own death?

The reasons for this staging

Why would Michael Jackson fake his own death? As we know, he was one of the most talented artists of all time. He was adored by all. He had the world at his feet. It seems unlikely that the King of Pop wanted to cause so much pain to his fans, but also to his family. However, according to the believers of this theory, there would be a good ten reasons why the artist would have decided to continue his life far from the one he had built up to then. Among those who come back most often, the star would have decided to pretend to be dead, because he would have had enough of fame, of life in the spotlight. Others believe that he had many debts to settle and that he simply had a lot of worries in his life. Among other things, he was accused of sexual abuse of minors, plagiarism, etc. He just wanted to regain anonymity.

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Of course, fans have found many elements to support this idea. Indeed, from the announcement of the death of the singer, hundreds of photos, videos trying to prove that Michael Jackson was still alive to panic the Internet.

disturbing details

The first suspicions began a few hours after his death. Indeed, the first images on television of the ambulance transporting Michael Jackson attracted a lot of attention. Thousands of fans scrutinized the vehicle and tried to find details that could prove their theory.

Several troubling inconsistencies are then revealed. By analyzing the images, they realize that the windows of the ambulance are black and that therefore, we cannot know what is happening inside. Nothing shocking so far. Then, it’s another detail that attracts attention, the siren is not on, yet Michael Jackson was in a more than critical condition at that time and it should have been on to allow the ambulance to go. get to the hospital as soon as possible.

It is then a video of the body of Michael Jackson taken to the morgue that will go around the Internet. As he is transported by helicopter, a white sheet can be seen which appears to cover the star’s body. However, on the images, we see that what is under the sheet moves and moves. For some, there is no doubt, it proves that he is alive even if others think that it was simply people present in the helicopter who moved what was below.

It is then videos of the funeral that will allow believers of this theory to argue this story once again. First of all, one question obsesses: why is the coffin closed? The King of Pop’s family justified this fact by explaining that the singer’s body suffered damage during the resuscitation process and that they do not want this to be the last image that the whole world keeps of him. However, that is not enough to convince. For them, it’s a lie. The coffin is closed because it is empty.

In addition to disturbing details, Michael Jackson would have multiplied the appearances for all these years.

The various appearances of Michael Jackson

At his funeral, Michael Jackson was indeed present. But he was present seated on a chair at this fake funeral. That day, he would have appeared disguised as a woman. Indeed, on the videos, we see a mysterious blonde woman installed not far from the family. However, no one had ever seen this woman in the artist’s entourage until today. So people started comparing his face with that of Michael Jackson and found several similarities. A theory that could be held since the interpreter of “Billie Jean” disguised herself very often to be able to go to the cinema or even go shopping.

Others disagree and claim that Michael Jackson was in the front row of his funeral right next to his family members. Indeed, a man who also seemed unknown and who had some similarities to the artist caught the attention of conspiracy theorists. However, it could very well have been a cousin of the interpreter of “Thriller”.

In July 2009, “CNN” filmed a special at Neverland, Michael Jackson’s ranch. There is an interview with Jermaine Jackson and a guided tour of the property. As the cameras film a hallway in the house, a shadow suddenly appears, for a few seconds. The images are peeled on Youtube and fans have no doubt that it is the shadow of the king of pop. Some claim that the singer is hiding on his ranch and others believe that it is his ghost who wanders in this place that was so important to him.

Michael Jackson has also been seen roaming around the world. For example, he was spotted shopping in Paris. Unmasked, he then hides his face with a bag. But between us, it seems to be more a prank video of one of his many look-alikes than of Michael Jackson himself.

His last appearance dates back to 2016. Paris Jackson posted a selfie on social networks at the time. In this photo taken by car, we can see a pile of blankets and sheets in the background. For the followers of the theory, there is no doubt, Michael Jackson is hidden below.

What is Michael Jackson’s new life?

But then what becomes of Michael Jackson? Where is he ? And how does he manage to go incognito?

The first theory is that he is in disguise. Indeed, fans are convinced that Michael Jackson has been known for years as Dave, a man disfigured after being burned at the age of six. Dave appeared several times in the media to talk about the singer since they knew each other very well. Indeed, the young man told how he got to know the king of pop. Apparently, Michael Jackson would have read his tragic story somewhere and would have been so sorry for the little boy that he would have invited him several times to Neverland in order to give him a smile. They would then have bonded and developed a friendship. For people convinced that the artist is still alive, this story is totally false. They think it’s the “Bad” singer hiding behind Dave’s face. This would be his new identity. But this theory doesn’t really hold water since old photos of Dave and Michael Jackson together do exist.

The other best-known theory is that Michael Jackson would now live on an untraceable island with other stars who have tragically disappeared. Indeed, the king of pop would end his life in the sun by the sea with Marylin Monroe or Elvis Presley.

The other theory around the death of Michael Jackson

The theory around the staging of his death is the best known. But in reality, there are many others. For example, some believe that Michael Jackson’s death was actually an assassination. A theory that Paris Jackson believes. Indeed, the young woman even said in 2017: “It sounds like a big conspiracy theory… But all the real fans and everyone in the family knows it. In 2020, rapper Kanye West also revealed that he believed in this story and claimed to know the culprit. It would be Tommy Mottola, the music producer and former president of Sony Music Entertainment.

Theories surrounding the death of Michael Jackson will never cease to exist. Years after his death, millions still believe the King of Pop is alive and well. Too many disturbing elements around his death feed this idea. Michael Jackson has therefore joined the Pantheon of urban legends.

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