Christmas outfit: what to shop for a Christmas outfit that changes

Every year, the same redundant question pops up when the holidays arrive: what to wear on Christmas Eve without falling into clichés? And even if the priority is the countless original gifts that we intend to slip under the tree, the choice of Christmas outfit is a legitimate question.

How to dress for Christmas parties?

In addition to the festive atmosphere, Christmas is also the time when, stylistically, the most daring associations are accepted (even validated). A flamboyant jumpsuit paired with a pair of decorated cowboy boots, a leopard skirt with mirrored Dr. Martens, a sequined top with velvet pants, a sunny dress with sequined slingbacks… we even dare to go to the second degree with a ultra-kitsch Christmas sweater for a festive aperitif with friends or colleagues. We obviously think of favoring the color palette of the moment, namely red, green, white and gold, and we have fun with festive materials such as velvet, silk and sequins. In short, everything is accepted (or at least tolerated). Out of ideas for dressing? Review of the 30 pieces to shop for a changing Christmas outfit. Promised.

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