Cazzu debuts a new tattoo and in a very bold and flirtatious place

Great exponent of urban music, cazzu She has been revolutionizing the industry with her presence and emerging as one of the Latin singers with the most international projection. The awards she has won throughout her career confirm this, her tour ‘Nena Trappa Tour’ He consolidates it and the way his number of fans grows little by little shows it.

The Argentine rapper has her followers excited and has just given them a unexpected surprise: a new tattoo. And not only that, a very artistic one that is also placed in a place on her body, that is seductive and flirtatious and that is already raising sighs.

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Cazzu debuts new tattoo

Always full of energy and with a unique personality, Cazzu has chosen something artistic, feminine, modern and intriguing for her new tattoo. It’s about a abstract drawing with a heart in the center, created by the artist known in networks as D’Morir. (LOOK AT HIS PROFILE ON NETWORKS HERE)

It is a wide heart from which ramifications will come off, as if the drawing existed within a mysterious dream with its supernatural element. It is something simple in concept, but it becomes artistically beautiful precisely because of the author’s skill for that symbolic style of Gothic ornamentation in the strokes.

Now, the place that Cazzu chooses on her body is very sensual, below the navel, in the belly, Resulting in a tattoo that appears flirtatious if she is wearing very low-waisted garments, which precisely allow this design to be exposed.

Cazzu’s tattoos

The singer is well known for her tattoos and adds this bold and edgy fantasy design to another collection that includes very varied ideas. Cazzu is a fan of manga and anime, for example, she has a woman’s face, in this style, at the height of her abdomen, and a drawing of Hello Kitty on her arm.

But the singer too He has other more risky tattoo designs; among them, a weapon on her arm or the already characteristic black spider on her shoulder, which has become her hallmark and for which her fans most of her remember her.

So now we have to add one more tattoo and one by the way very flirtatious and modern, that it will be necessary to speculate what it can really mean for her, this heart with a stroke of fantasy and mysterywhich undoubtedly fits perfectly with his personality that is always vibrant and full of strength.

Cazzu debuts a new tattoo and in a very bold and flirtatious place. PHOTO: Instagram @morir_

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