Casanova thanks Chris Brown for financial help while in jail

Looks like Chris Brown was babysitting Casanova during the New York rapper’s arrest

It is currently unclear how long New house will receive a sentence, but the rapper’s court case was updated this week. In December 2020, New house turned himself in to authorities after it was alleged he was a member of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang. He denied the charges against him as he was charged with drug trafficking, weapons and later attempted murder.

This week, New house pleaded guilty to theft and drug trafficking charges, but the attempted murder case was dropped from his indictment. After the news, New house used your account on Instagram to suggest that the authorities have kept him in solitary confinement for the past few months as a way of putting pressure on him to accept a request.

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“The system is crazy, they put me ‘in the box’ for four months for no reason,” wrote the rapper. “Probably so that I can accept this request. As soon as I accepted, they transferred me straight from the courthouse to Essex county without my knowledge and without any property, legal work or anything, this is crazy.”

Today, he returned with a message of thanks to Chris Brown, who apparently took care of him financially. “Thanks @ChrisBrownOfficial check received!” wrote New house. “You were one of the first people to believe in me, it will never get out of my head! [emoji de sinal de paz de dedos][emoji de X vermelho].”

During his incarceration, the rapper lamented that people abandoned him or didn’t help him while he awaited his fate. Brown is being applauded for taking care of New house and not feel it necessary to tell anyone about it.

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