Carmen Villalobos got fed up with rumors and talked about her husband again

When Carmen Villabobos Y Sebastian Caicedo They began to leave, they shouted their love to the four winds. Then in 2019 their wedding came and they began a life together that they always showed through their social networks. But lately they are not seen together, which has caused them to start circulating rumors about a possible separation.

The Colombian actress, who is in the middle of promoting Telemundo’s telenovela “Until silver separates us,” took advantage of the interviews she is conducting to clarify that she is still married and happily in a relationship with her husband.

Why are Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo not seen together on the networks?

What has led to carmen villalobos Y Sebastian Caicedo don’t share a lot of content together on social media is that the actress has been working very hard on the recordings of the telenovela Until Silver Nos Separatewhich have demanded a lot of time, so she has not had space to spend time with her husband.

And he wanted to clarify that although now they are not able to share time together, that does not mean that they have decided to separate. Besides, Sebastian Caicedo He is in a spiritual process that has led him to move away from the life he led, taking shelter in a field he bought in his native country..

“Sometimes we take paths that are not good and take us away from that spirituality. I have nothing against people who like to party, alcohol, but that kind of thing takes us away from the spiritual part”, commented Sebastian Caicedo who bought a farm in Colombia to connect with nature.

And he continued to highlight that although for many he has the perfect life, he had to stop because it was not what he wanted: “I had this awakening of conscience when I was 40 years old, I was not happy with the life I led, no matter how much I led a perfect life in the eyes of others, famous, some believe that with a lot of money, it is not so much, married with a wonderful woman, a famous actress…”.

“So, how are people going to imagine that this boy is going to want a break in his life and rediscover his happiness and self-esteem? That is the process that I am in right now.” continuous. In addition, he wanted to make it clear that sometimes you can have everything in life but still feel empty.

Yes ok carmen villalobos Y Sebastian Caicedo They commented on their current situation. Many continue to assure that it is an imminent separation. What do you think?

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