Bucolic garden: advice and inspirations for adopting it

The exterior has now become a part of our interior living spaces, infusing an atmosphere into the layout of the garden has never been so relevant. And for that, there’s nothing like the bucolic decoration halfway between rustic, country chic and English cottage styles. Putting plants at the center of its layout, it is ideal for giving a delicate spirit to your corners of greenery. Using other trends such as vintage and mottled furniture or the wooden pergola, the bucolic garden is to be adopted without hesitation.

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How to adopt the bucolic spirit in the garden?

The bucolic decor offers a certain change of scenery, even in the city center. We are going to come and set up the dining area, for example, in the middle of the vegetation, thus creating a bubble of tranquility.

Which plants for a poetic massif?

If climbing plants like wisteria are a must in a bucolic garden, flower beds are the kings. To make one, it is necessary to mix different flowers for a romantic garden. Shrubs such as hydrangeas and roses will be installed at the back so as not to shade the entire flower bed. Followed by tall flowers such as agapanthus and very low varieties such as pansies, geraniums or carnations. Grasses in the garden remain all year round and soften the abundance of flower colors. Place your multiple plants according to the sun, shade and humidity needs of each.

The bucolic decoration for the exterior

The bucolic spirit is ideal for decorating a garden without spending anything. For good reason, he favors antique furniture and chosen new in a vintage spirit. They must bring this authentic and poetic, even romantic atmosphere. Patinated wood is of course given pride of place, alongside fine metal. The bucolic atmosphere appreciates the models calling for intimate conviviality. The kiosk, the pergola, the bench and the bench, the swing… are essential elements in this decor. The outdoor luminaires have subdued lighting and the color palette consists of green, white, a little brown and black as well as plant motifs. Use the environment by decorating the trees with pennants, garlands and pendant lights.

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