Belinda looking for a Spanish boyfriend?

The artist Belinda is in one of his best moments with respect to his artistic careersince, hand in hand with the streaming platform Netflix, is returning to one of the things he enjoys the most, television. For a few weeks, the singer has been living in Spain where he is currently working and presenting his new fiction. It’s about the series “Welcome to Eden”which he has been promoting in recent days and in which he demonstrates all his talent for acting.

As part of the promotion, Belinda once again collaborated with the streaming platform in a fun video. In it, the star consulted a tarot reader who she asked how her luck would be in love, mainly on the other side of the world where she is. The pop star asked: “Am I going to have a Spanish boyfriend?, to which the expert replied that she will have a lot of passion in Spain, however, she will not find the love of her life there. To provide this answer, she left the letter from “the Sun” and she replied: “I don’t know if you’re going to have a boyfriend, but you’re going to click (have love affairs)”. To all this, the actress assured that she is very romantic, so she would discard what the tarot reader said. “Ahhh! Do not! I am super romantic, I like to make love”, said.

Another of the cards that came out was that of the “Lovers”, which he explained: “it is a card that symbolizes decision-making in love. That’s where you have to assess.” On the other hand, Belinda also took the opportunity to have contact with one of the people she loved the most, her grandmother Juana de Ella, who has already passed away, whom she said “was the best.” “Juana is telling you that she has all the power in the world. Right now, what the car card represents is evolution, change, not stagnation, ”said the tarot reader.

Regarding the “lovers” card, the tarot expert expanded, “it is a card that symbolizes decision-making. You have to assess what is good or bad. On the other hand, he continued with other letters: “the ’emperor’ represents the figure of a man who wants to impose himself, but you also get the ’empress’, who is your grandmother, who tells you to trust yourself, that you are stronger than no one who wants to turn you off.

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