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Belinda and Lupillo Rivera were the main subject of hundreds of headlines for their commented secret romance, which both were in charge of denying. It was not until after the breakup of ‘Beli’ with Christian Nodal when the ‘Toro del Corrido’ admitted that such a relationship existed. Now, the issue comes up again because of the statements he gave Mayeli Alonsowithin the reality show “The house of the famous 2″, from Telemundo.


Why did Belinda and Lupillo Rivera end up?

Mayeli Alonsowho was the wife of Lupillo Rivera between 2006 and 2019, assured that contrary to what is thought, it was the Mexican regional music singer who decided to end Belinda.

“What a show. She (Belinda) went to my house. she assured the ex-participant of “Rich, famous, Latina”.

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Lupillo Rivera’s tattoo with Belinda’s face

Mayeli Alonso He also referred to the famous tattoo of Belinda’s face that Lupillo Rivera made on his arm and that he tried to hide and deny for some time. Until finally, in June 2021, after the interpreter of “La Niña de la Escuela” announced her commitment to Christian Nodal, the ‘Toro’ published a video covering it out of “respect for his fiancée Giselle Soto”, of 25 years.


The ‘Scandal Woman’, Niurka Marcos, was interested in the subject and asked if Lupillo Rivera also tattooed Mayeli Alonso on her skin. The businesswoman answered bluntly.

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