Barbara Broccoli has big demands for the future 007

To shape a new Bondian era that will proudly succeed that of Daniel Craig, film producer Barbara Broccoli has some requirements.

The latest installment in the saga had just turned a new page in the history of the franchise. Dying can wait, Daniel Craig’s last James Bond marked the end of a journey. With real craftsmanship and a more intimate touch, this fifth feature film under the Craig era was able to make an impression even though it was not free from flaws.

The opportunity for the British actor who has maintained his role for more than fifteen years to offer the best of farewells by leaving through the front door. A touching conclusion which, on the other hand, left behind it an unanswered question: the post now vacant, what would be the next face of agent 007? If it was not the ideas that were missing, producer Barbara Broccoli laid down his conditions in an interview for variety. So if you ever want to send your CV, you will know what to expect.

Craig enjoying the Bond retirement

First, Broccoli and his partner Wilson want to find a candidate who is aware of the rigor required to bring the character to the screen. Naturally, this new Bond will have to be different from the previous ones. The lucky winner will bring freshness and novelty to the character:

“This is a reinvention. Where are we going to take her? What do we want to do with the character? […] It is an evolution. Bond evolves just as men evolve. »

We sense in this statement that the next MI6 spy will be fashioned to the standards of today’s society. It will be a Bond that will probably reflect its era. If the direction to take for the profile of the next agent has still not been establishedone thing is certain, it is that the producers want to let future applicants know what adventure they are embarking on:

Dying can wait: photo, Daniel CraigWho’s next?

“But it’s a big commitment. It’s not just about showing up for a few months of filming. And when we chose Bond, it’s a commitment for 10, 12 years. »

One thing is certain, the next James Bond will be meticulously thought out before returning to the cinema. Until then, we can only theorize about the next face of the franchise and you know what? The Russo Brothers have a (good) idea for Daniel Craig’s successor.

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