Andrea Meza beautiful in white winter outfit, pure classy glamor

The Mexican Andrea Meza She is a very beautiful woman who has stood out for her elegance and class. She is a former Miss Universe and currently television presenteris a person who has made his way with a charming presence and enormous talent, but who also always delights with his charisma and bearing.

She always conquers with her outfits and pleases her fans with her posts on social networks and recently shared by this means an dreamy outfit perfect for the winter season, since he is white from head to toe.

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It looks the most beautiful and the set itself is impeccable and very sophisticated, exuding style and glamor and showing that white is the sensation at this time and that the look minimalist monochrome It is infallible for good dressing.

the look

The former beauty queen looks great in dress pants high-waisted and wide-legged, very formal, which combines with a turtleneck blouse, simple, smooth fabric and without further decorations. Finished with a golden brooch with a coat in a pearly white and the whole is a lovely image with a lot of glamour.

To elevate the outfit, her personal grooming is key and knows how to contrast with a flirtatious detail and a very sweet femininity, so she styles her long hair in a high ponytail, wears incredible jewelry with pearl earrings and ringsand she makes up like a queen with lips of an intense red that conquers.

It is a very neat, sophisticated and classy image, which confirms that Andrea Meza is a sensational woman, great fashion reference but above all beautiful inside and out and we notice it in her attitude and fabulous presence.

Thanksgiving Day

The host writes in her publication that she wishes her a happy ‘Thanksgiving Day’, or ‘Thanksgiving’, in English, to his followers who celebrate this date and that this 2022 was Thursday, November 24 (always the fourth Thursday of the month, that’s why the date changes year after year).

And in another publication, also wearing this wonderful outfit, we see her posing with her boyfriend, Ryan Antonio. “Grateful for every day”, she writes and places emojis of faces with hearts, thus revealing her love for her partner and thus fulfilling the tradition that on Thanksgiving Day, what one is grateful for is shared ; in her case, the love between her and her boyfriend.

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