Andrea Escalona and her risky dance before giving birth

The Mexican television host, Andrea Escalona, ​​is about to give birth; she is about 34 weeks pregnant and her first child is expected to be born in early December. She revealed a long time ago wait kid and has assured that he will not travel abroad for the birth, he will stay in Mexico City or go to Acapulco, which is where the father of his son is.

But despite being almost nothing in childbirth, Andrea Escalona keeps working and very active, in fact, too much, some of her followers think, because the 36-year-old driver is preparing a dance choreography to participate in a special program.

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As can be seen in a clip shared on social networks, Andrea Escalona, ​​with everything and her more than 8 months of pregnancy, is participating to show off on the track in ‘The stars dance in Hoy’, a reality show dance competition which has its special called ‘Champion of Champions’, and where the winner is chosen by public vote.

“Before leaving the @programahoy to become a mother, @andy_escalona will dance on the floor of #LasEstrellasBailanEnHoy #Champion of Champions and this is how she prepares with the choreographer #MemoTélle”, reads the publication that is shared.

Andrea Escalona dancing

Andrea Escalona not only continues participating in the dance program weeks after giving birth, rather, she puts all the feeling and emotion into her performance, with a very intense choreography and, according to some people, too risky for a woman who is more than 8 months pregnant.

His intense choreography has actually run into some mixed reviews and opinions; some cheer and applaud her for her ever-joyful energy and vitality, but others say she should be done by now keeping rest and not doing physical activity with so much movement.

exercise during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy It has its benefits, as long as the specialist doctor has been consulted to monitor that the baby and the mother are healthy at all times, experts say. The Kid’s Health site also details that you should avoid exercises that involve bouncing, jumping, or changing directionthat the exercise should be done with experts in the field and that it should be stopped when there is discomfort.

Although exercises such as walking, swimming or yoga are normally suggested, Andrea Escalona practices with a professional choreographer and as shown in his networks, he has kept exercising constantly all this time; although of course, it should also be noted that experts recommend leaving the physical activity at 38 weeks, which for the driver, is almost nothing.

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