Akira Presidente and CHF unite their convictions and sounds in Omertà – by @rxdrxgx98

Fa7her was looking to find itself musically in the initial period of founding its label, Melhoria Music, when it began to exchange ideas with CHF — who, later on, sent it some instrumentals — the consumption and rapid disposal of everything .

Initially, it was just a conversation between the two. He advanced to the process of the possibility of a song by the duo and, when they went to see it, they already had three tracks. They decided, then, to follow the path against this immediacy of consumption and commercial standards music that are currently being made, taking advantage of the natural flirtation that emerged between the two to create a collaborative album, which would follow the longevity observed by CHF in Akira’s projects.

Boombap is a subgenre loved by the record’s author duo. CHF admires the style and sound, and also had an old dream of being able to work on an album like this, even more alongside an artist that he admires and observes since he started his career in rap.

Photo: Caio Humb

Fa7her, in turn, sees the rhythm as still very current and a refuge to encompass his experiences gathered in these twenty years in rap, avoiding doing more of the same, because, if it happens, it will sound repetitive and, consequently, will lose space for the new generation. However, he understands that his art is a tribute to the golden era, along with a desire to dialogue with youth.

Continuing the sound that emerged with the first track created, Black Mafia; Akira and CHF unravel their references and inspirations from New York and Brazilian hip-hop culture, in addition to adapting to their own styles, originality, experiences and visions acquired over the course of their career.

The main meaning of the word “omertà” comes from Latin and means humility, however, on the record, the concept printed is that of the mafia code of not cooperating with the system, the police, justice, the government, etc.; since you are being targeted by them and you cannot hesitate to the point of handing over information — whether yours or that of people close to you — that will strengthen them.

Photo: Caio Humb

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