Abencia Meza: what happened to the life of her son Yosmel Lugo Meza, who never abandoned the singer after going to jail for the death of Alicia Delgado | show business

Abencia Meza is in prison for the murder of Alicia Delgado, which occurred on June 24, 2009. Since his arrest, the son of the “Queen of the parranditas”, Yosmel Lugo Mezais fighting for the release of his mother in the Chorrillos Women’s Prison, formerly Santa Mónica.

What did Abencia Meza’s son say about the accusation against his mother?

“We must continue fighting because this does not end here,” he declared in 2019.

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And about Alicia Delgado, Yosmel Lugo commented on TikTok: “She was and will be a great artist. . But, although it is hard for many to believe, my mother is (innocent)”.

2022. Yosmel Lugo Meza talks about Alicia Delgado. Photo: TikTok capture

Abencia Meza: who is Yosmel Lugo?

Yosmel Kennedy Lugo Meza was born on March 5, 1989 in Rahuapampa (Huari, Áncash). He is the son of folk singer Abencia Meza. The name of his biological father is not public. The vernacular artist was 15 years old when she got pregnant.

Before what happened between Abencia Meza and Alicia Delgado, Yosmel Lugo already appeared on the entertainment pages by participating in a segment to find a partner in the program “Lima Limon” with Laura Huarcayo and Carlos Vílchez, the ‘Carlota’.

The son of ‘La Reina de las parranditas’ was paired with Lady Guillén, who at that time was a member of the group Angels of fire.

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Yosmel Lugo was sentenced for gender violence

With an irascible character, Yosmel Lugo Meza was sentenced twice for gender violence. The first in 2013, for hitting Zundy Culquimboz, Abencia Meza’s partner. And then, in 2014, for assaulting his ex-partner and the mother of his daughters, Elena Quispe, while she was pregnant.

“I talked with his new partner and that’s why he came to my house,” said the victim.

On the other hand, in 2009, Yosmel Lugo Meza found himself involved in a strange situation when his aunt Olga Meza Luna claimed that he was the real father of “Mechita”, a baby adopted by Abencia Meza and Alicia Delgado. To date there is no public information on what happened to the minor.

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What happened to Yosmel Lugo?

Since 2018, Yosmel Lugo Meza tries to reach a position as councilor in the Municipality of Puente Piedra with Together for Peru. And in 2022, he appeared as a candidate for Free Peru.

However, the political aspirations of the son of Abencia Meza were cut short when the Special Electoral Jury of Lima Norte 1 (JEE), in virtual public hearing held on July 9, 2022, declared its registration for the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections, held on October 2, inadmissible.

In 2018, Yosmel Kennedy Lugo Meza belonged to the ranks of Together for Peru. Photo: Fernando Arce/Facebook

On the other hand, in 2020, it was speculated that Yosmel would launch as a singer and, on her YouTube channel, where she has 320 subscribers, she posted home videos playing the harp and playing the huayno “Carmencita”.

On TikTok he has more than three thousand followers and his clip with the most interaction is the one in which he celebrates his 33 years alone.

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Likewise, Yosmel Kennedy Lugo Meza listed as manager of Amey EIRL Corporation, a general services company.

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When will Abencia Meza be released from prison?

Abencia Meza, found guilty of instigating the murder of Alicia Delgado, would be released from prison on March 22, 2041, the date on which her 30-year sentence for the murder of her ex-partner Alicia Delgado expires.

In February 2012, she was considered the intellectual author of the murder of Alicia Delgado by the Fourth Criminal Chamber for Prisoners of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima. She filed an appeal for annulment, but the Transitory Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice ratified the sentence.

Abencia Meza was sentenced to 45 years in prison. Photo: composition Gerson Cardoso / LR

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