10 Advent calendars for fans of esotericism and astro

Astrology aficionados, lithotherapy enthusiasts and fumigation fans have not been forgotten by the Advent calendars this year. While waiting to find books to become a real witch under the tree, we have selected the best esoteric Advent calendars for you. Because, yes, the return of the fashion of modern witchcraft, new age and magic as personal development, everyone has the right to go to Hogwarts. Even Muggles. To prepare you to become an expert in spells and a world champion in New Moon rituals, here is a selection of 10 enchanted calendars.

Those who already collected pebbles and then small stones will probably have a weakness for lithotherapy calendars. Advent calendars “The magic of stones” (Thank you books) or “Treasures of stones” (Omsaè) promise you a different mineral every day for all uses. Slightly more experienced witches will no doubt turn to general magic calendars such as incense, amulets and Tarot. They will be recommended the calendar “The Modern Witch” (Witch Box) or the calendar “Sacred rituals” of Omsaè. If next year you don’t have all the basics to breathe a little more magic into your lives, we don’t know what you need.

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