Emma and her experience of training in Racing: “I felt joy and happiness”

Emma Rodríguez and her father, Eduardo, spoke today with THE COMPASS 24 from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, where the adolescent had the opportunity to train with members of the first division squad of female soccer of Racing Club de Avellaneda.

“Happiness” and “happiness” were the sensations that Emma felt – according to herself described – in her passage through the facilities of one of the five “greats” in Argentina.

“Racing de Avellaneda, through its captain Rocío Bueno, contacted us seeing the story and supporting Emma. They invited us, taking advantage of the fact that we had to come to Buenos Aires for another matter, we visited the club and went to see the first-rate women’s soccer match at the Avellaneda cylinder, ”Eduardo said.

He said that “Emma was allowed to enter the field of play, the changing rooms and the premises that the club has to train with the U16” and that, as a “finishing touch”, they gave her a Racing shirt with the number 10 and his daughter’s name.

“We have the greatest gratitude for the people of Racing because today that there is so much talk of empathy, without knowing us they support this cause from a large club in Argentina. Emma is happy because this being on a playing field of a first division team, for those of us who live in small towns, is sometimes inaccessible, “he said.

Racing Club’s publication on your Twitter account.

The baby’s father agreed with the veracity of the publication made by the Avellaneda club in the sense that “Emma’s smile makes prejudices look ridiculous.”

“With the mother we are not looking for Emma to be a professional or for her to play for the best club in the world, but rather that she can continue playing the sport she loves, which is soccer. We continue with the same and what Racing writes and what its captain says is that. That happened to Rocío Bueno and she is 28 years old; imagine how difficult it was back then. Rocío felt identified with my daughter and there are a lot of girls like Emma who are not allowed to play ”, she explained.

In the talk with the program “It’s never too late”, Emma described herself as a footballer who serves as a creation midfielder on the right.

“My dream is to become a professional and play for the national team; I would love it, ”said the girl, who identified herself as a Lionel Messi fan.

“Emma plays. And there is no bureaucrat that prevents it… ”, the club published on its Twitter account.

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