Emilio Estefan shares the last photo they took of him before leaving Cuba

The Cuban Producer Emilio Estefan He shared this Thursday the last photograph that was taken of him before leaving Cuba and the emotional memories contained in the image.

“This photo with my mom and my accordion is very special to me. It is the last photo that was taken of me before leaving Cuba. It is the photo that reminds me of all the years that I was without seeing my mother, and all the difficult moments I went through, but it also reminds me that you learn from everything difficult, that you can never win and that you can never stop dreaming! “, he wrote next to the image.

“Thanks to all those moments lived…I’m here today,” Estefan continued. “And I would not change anything, since I learned from the good and the bad. I only have gratitude with life for everything, especially for my family that is wonderful and what I love the most!

Emilio Estefan was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1953. In 1968 he settled in the United States, where he has developed a successful career and an impeccable trajectory in the Hispanic and American artistic circles.

Emilio and his wife Gloria Estefan are two important representatives of the Cuban exile in the United States. In addition to their successful careers, they maintain an arduous work of denouncing the Cuban regime and take advantage of all the platforms to which they have access to make the reality of Cuba visible.

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