Elephants ‘canteens’ open in China, seeking to prevent them from roaming the streets again

Since a herd of 15 asian elephants appeared on the front pages of the media, causing a stir among the local population throughout its passage through rural and urban areas, the Chinese authorities have already taken some measures. Thus, last Tuesday elephant ‘dining rooms’ were opened in forest areas near the city of Jinghong, southwest of Yunnan province.

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the favorite plants of these mammals, it aims to prevent elephants from entering villages and other human settlements, reports the Xinhua agency. Apart from the vegetables, five ponds with salt were installed to meet the physiological needs of animals.

“If elephants have plenty of food in their habitat, they are less likely to venture into villages or steal the crops planted by local farmers, “said Zha Wei, deputy director of the Jinghong County Nature Reserve Management Office, adding that more areas are planned to be used as fields for growing plants that feed this species.

Meanwhile, the number of Asian elephants in the county grew from about 80 at the end of the last century to about 185 today. The specimens of this species are under the protection state in China, indicates RT.

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