Elections in the Council of Economic Sciences: Ideas for a tax reform

The vice president and first woman candidate to preside over the Professional Council of Economic Sciences, Nora Torregroza, referred to a project that the organization presented to national legislators. The initiative proposes moving towards a Federal Tax System that provides for greater equity, progressivity, reasonableness and enables the development of companies in general and, above all, of micro, small and medium-sized companies.

It is worth remembering that the CPCE will renew its authorities on September 30 and for the first time has a woman as a candidate for the presidency. Nora Torregroza was in the television program of Get informedJump by Multivisión Federal and he was very expectant about the changes in the organism.

“I think this is the time for women, there is a worldwide movement in which women are accessing positions of decision-making power. For me it is a joy, a surprise that colleagues propose that a woman run for president”, He expressed.

Election day will be on September 30 and around 2,900 professionals are entitled to vote. “Between 8 and 18 o’clock the tables will be enabled in the headquarters and in the delegations of the interior. We are in a period in which there are already many people vaccinated, the peak of the pandemic has lowered, we want to convey to colleagues that go calmly to vote because all the sanitary measures are in place for it to be carried out ”.

Regarding the Tax Reform project, he explained: “We are bringing ideas together. Professionals in Economic Sciences are the ideal ones to talk about taxes, this system foresees a reform of national, provincial and municipal taxes, the fiscal procedure law, it seeks that taxes are progressive and not regressive, that there is legal certainty, that there is a horizon with predictable laws that can encourage investment and employment ”.

Renewal in the Social Security Fund

Daniel Cristóbal, candidate for titular director of the Social Security Fund, was also present in the program conducted by Federico Storniolo and Sebastián Quintero. He explained that the function of the box has to do with all the social activity of the Council, one of the most important being the projection of retirement.


“What the leadership we have at this moment is looking for is to project the Fund, make it sustainable in the long term. Actuarial studies are constantly being carried out and decisions are made based on that. Right now we have a projected life of the box that exceeds 30 years. We are ensuring that today’s young professionals are going to have their retirement, ”he said.

There are three lists that will face each other in the elections, some of them propose increasing the amount of the current retirement, however Cristóbal pointed out that it could be counterproductive. “Paying more retirement would destabilize the Fund. Different measures are being taken. The quick way to pay more retirement is to increase the Contribution Unit, but that will directly affect the contributing asset, this can cause delinquencies to rise and not be able to pay future retirements ”.

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