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According to article 49 of Statutory Law 1475 of 2011, the registration of cédulas in Colombia must begin one year before electoral day and end two months before it. That is why the process was enabled since March 13 of last year.

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Most of these people They registered their due card that they changed their place of residence or wanted to change the place where they normally pay. Others because they were not registered in any voting station.

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The citizenship card is an essential document when it comes to voting. On the one hand, if you were not registered, this means that you are not part of the electoral roll of the Registrar’s Office.

According to the organizational entity “this applies to all those people who have their ID issued before 1988 and have not registered their ID or have not voted in any of the elections held in recent years, since they are not currently part of the electoral roll. “.

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This is the action of registering the identification card to vote in a place other than the one in which one resides and constitutes a crime contemplated in the Penal Code under the name of fraud in registration of identification cards.

Now, if you verified on the Registrar’s platform and appeared as registered at a polling station, don’t worry, you will be able to vote. Remember that people who received their identity card after 1988 automatically entered the electoral roll and were authorized to vote at a polling station close to the address provided at the time the document was processed.

Now, if you want to participate in the presidential elections on May 29, you still have time. According to the electoral calendar, for these elections a new period of registration of cédulas will be opened, which will run until March 29.

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