Elections 2021: the final scrutiny began in Mendoza

The final vote count must be done 48 hours after the end of the elections. As soon as the count begins, the deadline for making claims and protests in the voting process also ends, as detailed in Article 112 of the National Electoral Code. “We did not have any kind of presentation from any party. Which does not mean that the delegates did not have to solve some problems that day,” said Bento.

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Photo: Fernando Martinez / Diario UNO

According to the provisions of the National Electoral Code, “the final scrutiny will be adjusted, in the consideration of each table, to the examination of the respective act to verify” and of each one of the minutes it will be verified “if there are indications that it has been adulterated; if it does not have substantial defects of form; if it is accompanied by the other minutes and documents that the president has received or produced as a result of the electoral act and scrutiny; if he admits or rejects the protests; if the number of voters who voted according to the minutes coincides with the number of envelopes sent by the President of the tableVerification that will only be carried out in the event of a complaint from a political party acting in the election; if there are appealed votes, it will consider them to determine their validity or invalidity, counting them together by electoral section. “

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Photo: Fernando Martinez / Diario UNO

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