El Chulo and Yomil bet on the young Cuban reggaeton players Aleko & Ignacio Ley in their song "I would like to have"

Aleko & Ignacio Ley They are two of the new talents of urban music in Cuba and they promise to hit the whole island very soon.

The artists are betting on the current genre with their Pegao x Ley project for the duo formula, which are not abundant in urban music because of how difficult it is to maintain a musical union, but if it is achieved the results are highly successful, such as this is the case of Yomil and El Dany, and Kimiko and Yordy.

Faster than expected, these young people are already stuck on social networks with their topic I would like to have, whose romantic version, in collaboration with The Pimp, premiered this weekend; and his remix, to which nothing more and nothing less than Yomil it is already cooking.

How did the collaboration with El Chulo come about?

In August, Aleko & Ignacio Ley shared a video in which they appeared singing the choir of the song, and promoted a challenge that went viral among the Cuban virtual community even without the song having been released, and which was joined by many young people on the island. .

The already successful Cuban reggaeton player El Chulo found a video of the young people and was delighted with their musical proposal and with the choir of I would like to have that they showed on their Instagram accounts, so he immediately reached out to them to collaborate and help them push the matter forward.

The videos reached El Chulo, who was captivated by the song and assured that Aleko & Ignacio Ley were his new favorite duo. The Cast President asked for help through social networks to locate the boys and invite him to collaborate on the song.

El Chulo also added Yomil and asked him to help the young artists, who were working hard and had a very good project.

“Those kids are very tough, they have my respects, and they earned a fan, I’m a fan of those kids right now. They are the future,” said El Chulo.

The song was released through the official platforms of El Chulo due to the great scope it has, but the reggaeton player assured that all the profits generated on his YouTube channel by the reproductions of the video are only for Aleko & Ignacio Ley.

The official video clip was released this Sunday and has already exceeded 100,000 views.

“Thank you El Chulo for revolutionizing our entire career in just 5 days, placing this song among the most favorite of the public, without still leaving, you have a very big heart and God knows it, now we are going to show it,” Ignacio Ley wrote in his account of Instagram.

Remix baby Yomil

The Cuban reggaeton player Yomil Hidalgo also joined El Chulo’s initiative to promote Aleko & Ignacio Ley, with whom he met in Cuba to exchange ideas and work on the remix of I would like to have.

“This is going to be the remix of the year ufff, thanks @aleko_pxl @elchulo for the invitation in this great work of art, we are going to take it to fly very far”.

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