Eduardo Minett, from “La rosa de Guadalupe” to Hollywood

This Thursday, September 16, the Warner Bros. film “Cry Macho” will be released, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, a Hollywood legend who gives Mexican actor Eduardo Minett a golden opportunity. who with this film has his film debut and also as co-star.

In an interview with THE INFORMATOR, Eduardo talks about the emotions generated by having placed himself at Clint’s orders, describing the experience as “a dream”. The young actor has experience in television as he has been part of Televisa’s unitary programs such as “La rosa de Guadalupe” and “Como dice el saying.”

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“From the outset, the dream of all actors is to open the doors in Hollywood, and well, what better way than to do it with a movie legend like Clint. Obviously it was a shower of emotions from the first moment I knew that I was going to be in a movie with him, I spent two months (working) with him and it was an emotion, but also some nerves … the good ones, because it was knowing that he was going to arrive in a new country and with new people ”.

The actor shared that Clint left him several lessons: “We talked a lot and one of the things I remember now was that he told me to enjoy whatever I did, that I live my present, that I enjoy it, but keeping my feet on the ground with my head in the sky ”.
The experience on set for Eduardo was also quite enriching, and he remembers that in Mexico he began to work between the ages of five and six, starting with short films, “but I think that the dream of any actor, as I already said, is to open the doors in Hollywood, and I knew that one day I would achieve it, I am someone who is always in constant preparation, but I never imagined that it would arrive so soon, that everything was so sudden, they are life and work experiences that are very beautiful and they are very marked ”.

Eduardo auditioned by video because the pandemic has modified the work formats, Clint saw his proof and warned the production that he would be his co-star: “The casting took place last year, in times of pandemic, and the actors are always doing tests, now with this modality, so I did my videocasting, it was sent and a month later they called me to tell me that Clint had selected me for the film and it was a very great emotion ”.

An epic and poignant narrative

Cast of “Cry Macho”. (From left to right) Eduardo Minett as “Rafo”, Natalia Traven as “Marta” and Clint Eastwood as “Mike Milo”. Courtesy / Warner Bros.

“Cry Macho” is a moving and inspiring drama, Clint Eastwood plays “Mike Milo”, a former rodeo star and run-down horse breeder, who, in 1979, accepts a job from his former boss, which consists of bringing to his son from Mexico, that boy is “Rafo” (Eduardo Minett). Forced to take alternate routes on their way to Texas, the strange pair face an unexpectedly challenging journey, during which the disenchanted horseman finds surprising connections and his own redemption. Natalia Traven, Dwight Yoakam, Fernanda Urrejola and Horacio García-Rojas also participate in the cast.

“As for me, I was given the script, I prepared my character with my coach, and when I arrived on set, the first thing Clint talked to me about was ‘Rafo’. He told me it’s yours, build it and enjoy it. So he gave me that freedom to be able to explore the character. In the film we see how ‘Rafo’ and ‘Mike’ in the course of the trip create a very beautiful relationship, and it was something that also happened between Clint as the filming time went by, we were building a very beautiful friendship, it was to arrive, greet us with a hug and share many experiences ”.
He also highlights that the film has its action twist to keep the viewer hooked, “but it is also a very beautiful and very sensitive film that touches on themes such as friendship, second chances and redemption. ‘Mike’ and ‘Rafo’ are two characters that lack love and that fate unites them, causing the two to learn from each other about themselves ”.

Finally, Eduardo shares that next month he will go to the United States to improve the English language and continue preparing to seek new development opportunities.

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